Sunday, June 9, 2013

Someone Said There'd Be Days Like This

By JccKeith

Wise people like to go around saying things like “Life is not fair,” “You have to take the ups with the downs,” and I don’t know, some brilliant person in advertising came up with a slogan that said, “You can’t eat just one.”  I believe that slogan was for a Lays potato chip but I like to apply it to Doritos.  I love Doritos and for me, they’re addictive.  I can never eat just one, I start with a handful and before I know it, I’ve finished half the bag.  I also love the smell of clean laundry – particularly socks because they smell like bleach and dryer sheets.

Why do I bring up these loves of mine?  What do they have to do with life and it not always being fun or fair?  Well I’ll tell ya.  There are days, this whole past week to be exact, where the Doritos have lost their flavor, my socks smell like cat pee and I haven’t the energy to even care.  I haven’t had the inspiration to write, to read or to even watch my favorite science fiction shows like Stargate or FarScape. 

It happens. Sometimes my get up and go just… goes.  Story of my life.  The ups come with the downs.  The best I can do, on days like these is to search for the silver lining no matter how dull it may be.  Sometimes when I start to feel down, I oddly enough, become funnier.  It’s one of those bonuses of mild depression.  Also, I catch up on all the sleep I’ve been missing staying up late writing through the wee hours of the morning.  Depression, even the mild type, is exhausting and thus – I get more sleep.  Sleep is a necessary thing for creativity.

So what to do in the meantime, while I wait this brief downspell out?  Besides sleep – I can make the best of it.  I stop eating Doritos and hoping the taste will return.  I switch to something more soothing like orange sherbert  push pops.  They’re just plain delicious and the sugar gives a brief needed boost in energy.  I also try to watch things that are goofy – anything that offers a laugh is great.  And I try, as much as possible to always look on the bright side.

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