Friday, June 21, 2013

Loving Your Job

The pay is good and I can walk to work. 
- John F. Kennedy

By: William G. Muir
I presume that President Kennedy made the above statement in response to the question how does it feel to be President of the United States. How could President Kennedy, or any of the men the men that have held that office not feel honored to have done so? Being the President has to be a feeling that none of them can find the right words to describe it. How can they related such an experience to people who will never get that chance in their lives. Words do not do the emotional high justice.

The President's words do bring to mind what it is like to had a job you love doing. I am a writer. At times I struggle admitting this fact. Part of me believes you cannot properly claim to be a writer until you have had a work published. But as Michala has pointed out to me I am as much a write whether I am published or not. I have a finished manuscript under my belt, last November I planned and wrote the bulk of another manuscript (50,000+ words) in 30 days. And I write for two blogs.

I have earned the write to call myself a writer!

I have to say, I love being a writer. I have done the regular job thing. For years I was part of the unskilled labor force. Before 2007 I had no college degree and therefore I had to do whatever jobs I could find. I worked for McDonald's, twice, for almost six years. That was probably the most successful I have ever been in my life. I worked my way up to 2nd Assistant. I could have been a store manager, if I wanted to. I just didn't feel ready.

I have worked for other companies in the food industry as well. From sit down restaurants to fast food place. I have worked in retail, as a receiving clerk. I worked at a printing factory driving a forklift. And I have even worked for the United States Government. In 2000 I was a Data Entry Clerk for the Census Bureau. A job that I enjoyed tremendously.

But none of those jobs have given me the satisfaction of being a writer. I have always dreamed of being a write. And to have the opportunity to sit at this laptop, pound away at this keyboard, create something that didn't exist thirty minutes ago and have people all over the world read my words, is just amazing. Writing is the only thing that has ever given me this sense of awe. It's damn near divinely if you think about.

It doesn't matter that I have yet to reap any financial reward from my writing. While I do hope one day to make money, the feeling of accomplishment is what really drives me to keep writing. If finishing reading a book is like losing a dear old friend, than finish writing a book is like having raised a child and watching it take its first step into the world on its own. You can only hope that it will somehow find its own success.   

It is not only books that I want to write. I have an idea for an Indie Horror movie that I would like to write. After watching several cheesy low budget horror movies I thought that if these people could get this crap made and shown, than surely I can do the same. I would like to write for a wrestling promotion. I have always loved wrestling and to be able to get a job inside wrestling would be better than a dream comer true.  And I would also like to write a play. I know that I could never pen a play that would ever end up on Broadway. But just to write something that other people then go up on stage and perform is all that I am asking for.

I wouldn't be able to do any of this if I hadn't done any of the other jobs that I have had in the past. Those jobs have been the life experience that I needed. Because of them I have come to understand how people interact with each other. I listened to how people talk. And I know how people react to certain situations. All of that is valuable information for me as writer. It helps in my creation of the overall story.

I am a writer and I absolutely love it.

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