Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Twin Flames

twin flames
Newly Released Fantasy Novel Twin Flames Tells Tale of Unpredictable Journey of the Soul to Healing
Twin Flames shows one soul’s journey of splitting and healing through the alchemy of Wisdom. What is Wisdom? It is Love wedded to Knowledge, which must be learned, or remembered, and earned.
Nordland, WA – Nurse practitioner Carolyn R. Prescott witnessed phenomena in her practice that simply didn't fit her regular work habitat, nor could they be found in any of her university textbooks. Auras around patients, inexplicable symptoms, and other phenomena led her to seek more information about human energy fields which influenced her new fiction/fantasy book, Twin Flames, published by Outskirts Press.
In her work within a traditional medical setting, Prescott began seeing lights around certain patients, nurses, and doctors. She was later introduced to peculiar symptoms in rare patients that she ultimately recognized within herself and another family member. These events drove her to read all she could about the subtle human energy fields and complimentary energy therapies.
Prescott frames some of her findings within an unforgettable love story that melds dramatic fiction and romance with wild fantasy in an exploration of the unexplained. Twin Flames unfurls within a 200-year-old Native American Blackfoot drama where the brave Two Bears continues after death into the fifth dimension, while his split-off soul half, Sings To Flowers, is reincarnated in modern times in a new place with a new name. A traditional psychiatrist, a modern soul-doctor shaman, and spirit entities help The Beloveds’ eventual union in an unexpected climax to a satisfying romantic story.
About the book:
Twin Flames by Carolyn R. Prescott
ISBN: 978-1-4787-1508-5
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: April 2013
Pages: 319
S.R.P.: $18.95
About the author:
Carolyn R. Prescott, a former student of shamanism, is a graduate of Stanford and Columbia Universities, with advanced degrees in maternal and child health. She has been privy to intimate stories of the heart, a witness to the paranormal and a visitor to shades of herself – all of which helped birth Twin Flames.

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