Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Platinum Blackmail

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New romantic “fatal attraction” thriller: Platinum Blackmail
Cleveland, OH – Author Jay Atleson has released his new romance thriller, Platinum Blackmail.
For Mark Sterling, one of the top IT sales executives in America and the most sought after model in Cleveland, life gets crazy. And deadly.
Shortly after Mark is assigned to BETA-test a sentient email system code name SAM, Cryptic messages appear on his secure iPhone directing him to visit a website. There he discovers a video of him in bed with the deceased daughter of his CEO and explicit instructions to pay a million dollars to keep the story from the prying eyes of the media.
Like some modern-day Job, Mark finds his sales career sabotaged his company in danger of bankruptcy, his modeling expectations at a brick wall, and himself the victim of a vicious ship- board attack. Then things get worse.

Mark is wanted for murder, his house is blown up and burned to the ground, and he’s knee-deep in a cosmic battle for his life against the forces of cyberspace.
Lisa Lancaster is assigned by her national marketing firm to work with Mark and his boss Dallas Milligan to publicize and promote SAM to the buying public. In addition to her unerring knack for PR, Lisa brings swaying hips, incest, murder, tales of murder, Wicca, and an Enron-style plan to take over Milligan Systems, a Microsoft-styled corporation.
Mark immediately falls for Lisa and the game begins.
Helped by his best friends Dan and Anna, Mark finds his life inexplicably infused with NFL players, gamblers, Homeland Security, a French-Canadian goddess, and double-dealing members of La Familia as he tries to get to the hidden truth behind his Platinum Blackmail.
Jay Atleson’s first novel is a story of high-tech power, sex, Wicca, murder, and love that displays the intimate psychological thought processes of a somewhat self-consumed man, forced to mature and realize one of life’s important lessons: be careful what you wish for since nothing is as it seems.
In the end, Platinum Blackmail will intrigue, titillate, and maybe even upset you. But you will certainly never forget its cosmic finale and moving conclusion.
About the book:
Platinum Blackmail by Jay Atleson
ASIN: B00984N5CE
Publisher: Story Merchant Books
Date of publish: September 2012
Pages: 232
S.R.P.: $2.99 (Kindle version)
About the author:
Jay Atleson has worked for several Fortune 500 Corporations in Executive Sales, Management and Business Consulting, frequently leading his company and even the nation in sales. He has a Masters of Arts Degree and two Bachelor of Arts Degrees while being employed as a college instructor. Jay appeared in the movies, “Telling Lies in America” and “Renegade Force” as well as the sitcom, “The Drew Carey Tele-vision Show.” Atleson lives in Cleveland, Ohio, where he is working on his next novel.

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