Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: The Land of Coral Seas

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New YA/MG adventure book: The Land of Coral Seas
Marathon, FL – Author Ryan Obrien has released the second book in the Land of Whoo YA/MG series, The Land of Coral Seas.
Michael Henry and Savannah James continue their adventure in The Land of Coral Seas, the second book in The Land of Whoo Series.
Michael Henry thought he and Savannah would enjoy the rest of their summer vacation, but now an urgent message from King Vincent will require him to assemble his team from two different worlds – including his favorite dragon, Cornelius – and venture to the Land of Coral Seas. Will he be able to rescue Princess Ariana before the incoming tide floods the Moon Room, her underground prison? What death traps have been planted by the Wizard of Pisode to prevent Michael Henry and his team from successfully navigating through the labyrinth of ten caverns leading to the princess? Will Savannah and Princess Lizzie survive their own rites of passage as time runs out and the roaring water rises in the Moon Room?
This middle grade adventure continues with the same emphasis on the value of family and friends that OBrien stressed in his first novel. Learning to work together as a team, taking risks, and going forward when it seems all hope is lost are all important parts of this journey. Readers young and old will enjoy twists and turns of this fast-paced novel.
The quest to rescue Princess Ariana and free the Land of Coral Seas has begun…
About the book:
The Land of Coral Seas by Ryan OBrien
ISBN: 978-0988824409
Publisher: Ryan OBrien
Date of publish: May 2013
Pages: 300
S.R.P.: $9.99
About the author:
Ryan OBrien is writing primarily for middle grade youngsters and has chosen for his hero those qualities we adults would all like our children to admire, qualities that go beyond mere strength and cleverness.
Ryan OBrien lives on his cruising catamaran "Christine" in the Florida Keys with his wife and coauthor, Christine, and Golden Retriever, "Creek." Ryan graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in Radio/Television Management and Psychology, with a passion for photography and writing. Ryan has worked in Marketing and Retail Operations for several national retailers and loves telling stories about the Pacific Northwest and South Florida.

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