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Book Cover & Blurb: Hearts Can Change in Time

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New Adult romance Novel: Hearts Can Change in Time
Tulsa, OK – Author Ron Hanlon has released his new adult romance novel, Hearts Can Change in Time.
Alex Cord is a driven and ambitious college student well on his way to becoming the youngest and most successful oil mogul in the South. Coming from a well-known family and with a striking appearance and “Southern gentleman” charm to boot, Alex is a walking woman-magnet who sweeps women off their feet. According to Alex’s best friend, he “has a left string of broken hearts that could reach the moon.” Dorothy, a law student, who he is in love with from the story’s beginning; Constance, a pharmaceutical representative who he has a brief affair with; Becky, a doctor; and Jessica, a college freshman, all disregard this statement.

Jessica’s relationship with her high school sweetheart is on the rocks when she meets Alex at a college sorority open house in Oklahoma. Alex’s affair with Constance ends when she realizes he is more interested in making his business a success than settling down. A strong physical attraction between Jessica and Alex immediately escalates to a serious relationship though Jessica is unaware of Alex’s on going liaison with Becky in Texas. Their bond lasts for some time.
As the story unfolds, Jessica and Alex’s relationship starts to fall apart due to the latter is obsessed by making it big in the petroleum business using hydraulic fracturing, a process new to the industry at that time. With business being on top of Alex’s priority list, Jessica seeks affection from another man, despite the fact that she is pregnant with Alex’s child. An abortion ends their relationship. After their breakup, Alex and Dorothy’s paths cross once more, thus awakening his love for her.
Dorothy, however, dies in a tragic accident that leaves Alex heartbroken. It is during this time that Constance and Jessica come back into Alex’s life. He is torn between what he feels is a duty to Jessica for his past conduct and his love for Constance. The story ends when Alex picks one of them to share the rest of his life.
About the book:
Hearts Can Change in Time by Ron Hanlon
ISBN: 978-1938690686
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Date of publish: October 2012
Pages: 544
S.R.P.: $16.95

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