Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Winner of Bits N Pieces The Challenge

This part of the competition was for winners of the Bits N Pieces Contest 1 and Contest 2.  Finalists were given The Challenge which was:

Use the following word, “defenestration” somewhere in the story.

Use the topic and genre of your choice.  Show us your talent! 

*750 word limit.  You do not have to use all 750 words but if you go over you will be eliminated.  


And Now... Our Winner ... Jon Jefferson!  Congratulations Jon on being our grand prize winner of the Bite My Book Bits N Pieces Award Badge and a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  Here is the winning story entitled Out the Window:

Out the Window
“You know I can’t tonight, Rick,” she said into the phone. “I have my meeting every Thursday and you know it.”
His reply couldn’t be heard in the crowded subway. Other than her phone to her ear it sounded like a one sided conversation.
“I’ll call you tomorrow,” she said. “I said I would didn’t I? Listen, if I say I will call you I mean it.” She clicked a button and hung up on him. Hanging up on someone with a cell phone didn’t have quite the same flourish as it used to have with a traditional phone. You can’t slam a cellphone onto the base. He didn’t call her back.
She hadn’t told him what her meetings were for, it was simply too embarrassing. Even though she inherited it from her mother, she never did like talking about it. Though maybe one day that might change. Rick was a sweet guy, she could see settling down with him at some point. Though he did have moments that infuriated her.
The subway car was crowded, this wasn’t her normal route. She was coming from work to her meeting this week. Normally she was able to stop off at her apartment between work and the meeting. But this was end of year inventory and she was working later than normal.
The train pulled into the 8th street station. She had to scramble to make the door before it closed. The phone call threw her off and she almost missed her stop. As late as she was now she would have missed her meeting if she missed this stop.
It was a brisk 3 block walk to get to the meeting center. She wanted to get the exercise in, the cabs were ignoring her anyway.
The meeting center appeared to be an abandoned building at first glance. Mr. Tibbs the organizer, ran this as a non profit. It didn’t help that they weren’t getting many new members for the group so the government was cutting their funding. They were given the excuse that obscure malady groups didn’t get any special benefits anyway.
She had started a campaign but they found no one really understood what the DA was all about. It just wasn’t as glamorous as alcoholics anonymous.
At first she found it odd that the group met on the second floor of an old brownstone building. The more time she had spent with the group she found it more an ironic jest.
After a short elevator ride, and trip down a dark hallway, she made it to the session room. By the look of it they hadn’t been going for too long. There were a couple new faces, and then there was Rick. He was sitting with rapt attention for the girl speaking about her first time. No one noticed when she came in.
She waited for the new girl to finish and sit down before she walked into the room. She made a bee line for the empty chair next to Rick.
He stood up and offered her the chair next to him, waiting for her to sit down before he sat down as well. “What are you doing here,” she whispered.
He smiled, “I told you I wanted to spend time with you tonight.”
“These people need help,” she said. “I don’t think this is a great idea for a date.”
He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He then pulled out a card and handed it to her. She immediately recognized the Defenestration Anonymous logo beside his name. “I am recovering still,” he said. “Used to be cats for me. I’ve been clean for 2 years now.

*Author retains all original rights and privileges associated with the story.  Bitemybook reserves the right to publish the winning story on the bitemybook website.

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity with this contest. I had fun with the stories for it.