Tuesday, May 21, 2013


By JccKeith

Alright, just so you know, this post was entirely unplanned.  I had no idea what I was going to write about.  It is ‘what they said’ Monday for me.  Now this is not to say I don’t encounter plenty of things said by other people.  I do.  I watch my sci-fi shows every day.  I watch cartoons with my kids.  I listen to the news, I listen to music and I browse the occasional internet site.  So I have plenty of sources for something someone said.  Problem is, most aren’t worthy of an entire blog post.

Desperate for something to write about that either made me laugh or at least made me take notice, I relied on the internet.  I went to google and typed in “something someone said.”  This led to some music video that I didn’t watch.  So I tried again.  I typed in “somebody talking.”  Bingo!  Ding Ding Ding!

I have no idea why but the urbandictionary.com popped up on my search results.  It was a set of postings that appeared to give a meaning for the phrase “somebody’s talking.”  I thought I already knew what “somebody’s talking” meant – that it indeed meant that someone was speaking.  I had no idea it could be taken a different way. 

So I clicked on the search result to see how else someone might interpret “somebody’s talking.”

This is where things took a different turn.  The page revealed the meanings of the word “doig,” “wha de f#%@ I hearing,” “illuminaughty,” “run it,” and my personal favorite:  “talkin’ tacos.”

I have never had anyone use the phrase “talkin’ tacos” unless perchance it occurred in reference to visiting Taco Bell or perhaps a Mexican restaurant or Tumbleweed or some place which serves tacos.  Apparently, I am out of touch.

This is the meaning I was presented with on the site:

If somebody is talking about something different than what you are talking about. It usually implies that if you continue to "talk tacos" while I am trying to push across a certain agenda, violence will ensue

I had no idea.  Talkin’ tacos sounds like some serious business.  I wouldn’t want to ever be talkin’ tacos while someone else was pushing across their own agenda. 

I will however, probably be using this phrase quite often from now on because

a. it made me laugh out loud and

b. I will give it a different meaning entirely.  I will use it whenever people around me are talking about nonsense. 

So if I should describe an event in the following way in the future, “This fool was talkin’ tacos…” you will completely understand my meaning.

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