Monday, May 6, 2013

What Muscle Man Said Monday

“Coffee is for people who don’t have adrenaline!”  - Muscle Man (Mitch Sorenstein)

By JccKeith

Alright, first off, I’d like to explain why it is I am quoting Muscle Man.  Hold on, back that up, let me explain for anyone who does not know – Muscle Man is a character on Regular Show, a crazy cartoon on Cartoon Network.  I am quoting him because… well, quite frankly, I blame Richard Branson.  I would also like to place a little blame on Lt. Col. Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis.

You see, today is What They Said Monday.  I pick a worthy quote from somewhere and I discuss it on Mondays.  Here recently, I’ve been doing well about posting regularly due to the A-Z Challenge last month.  It kept me on track and helped keep me motivated.  That was great.  I enjoyed it.  I have even been attempting to be all ‘serious.’

My recent posts, for probably the last couple of months have been of the more significant type.  I have been attempting to be taken seriously as a writer.  I wanted people to see that focused determined and intelligent side of me.  It was not easy.  I had to take considerable time to craft my posts, research what I was saying and again – be focused. 

Today was no different.  Still on a roll and wanting to be taken seriously, I gave a lot of thought on what to

write for my post today.  I have been reading yet another book by Richard Branson. This time it is Like a Virgin Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School.

For those who don’t know, I have a thing for Richard Branson.  He’s not ‘my hero’ or anything like that but I greatly admire him.  He’s very successful at what he does and I find him to be a prime example of living the kind of life I’d like to live.  I always find a bit of inspiration reading his books.

Picking up the book, I had underlined a few important lines I wanted to remember while reading.  I do that a lot in books I like.  It helps me find them later when I want to do things like – writing posts where I need a great quote to discuss.  I used to write the quotes down on a piece of paper to access later.  Unfortunately, I would always lose the paper and forget the quote.  I realized, finding a book would be much easier later than tracking down a single piece of paper.

So I reread some of the lines I had liked so much.  They were great and all, stuff about not openly criticizing others and success.  I did what I always do after rereading something I wanted to discuss in a post.  I sat down to mull things over and let the ideas flow. 

That’s about the time I started to drift off to sleep.  Thinking about success, thinking about how I had written about it before and possibly using a Branson quote when writing about it last time as well (see the post here) – I tried to convince myself another post about success using a Richard Branson quote would be fine.  Much needed in the world it could be.  People could use more motivation. 

Then I turned my head and spotted my Lt. Col. Sheppard action figure.  He was standing there, pointing his little plastic P90 at me and giving me that grin.  I smiled back because I like that grin he always has.  It’s sexy and cute.  The character is sexy.  The show is great, Stargate Atlantis that is.  I decided I should be watching some Stargate Atlantis. 

I left my Richard Branson book and went downstairs to turn on the television.  Successfully accomplishing this task, the television came on and a commercial for Regular Show was airing.  Before I could flip the T.V. over to DVD, I watched the commercial.  Muscle Man tells Mordecai and Rigby, while slapping their coffee mugs out of their hands – which was hilarious by the way – that “Coffee is for people who don’t have adrenaline!”

Allow me to discuss that for a minute.  It’s not true.  There, I said it.  Coffee is for people who need caffeine.  Caffeine is for people like me who lack motivation – or focus - to even write a simple post using a really intelligent quote.   And now you see why Richard Branson and Lt. Col. Sheppard are complicit in my lack of accomplishing my goal.  You have also spent a minute journeying through the disorganization that is my mind when I write these posts.  Perhaps I was not meant to be all serious and focused.

What about you readers out there?  Ever have problems staying focused?

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