Friday, May 3, 2013

The Blue Soul Gypsys: Music Spotlight

By JccKeith 
Video: Saw You Today
The Blue Soul Gypsys
The Historic State Theater in Elizabethtown, KY

“Sounds just like an old tobacco barn smells.”

That quote got my attention.  I couldn’t help but wonder what it meant and who the band behind it was.  My first thought was it meant they were comforting music, something you could listen to and just feel good.  I decided to be sure, I’d read the rest of The Blue Soul Gypsys ‘about’ page.  I found these lines followed the quote,

“To call The Blue Soul Gypsys simply a band is like calling Shakespeare a ‘writer,’ Jimi Hendrix a ‘guitar player,’ or Chuck Norris a ‘bad ass,’ it just doesn’t do them justice.  The Blue Soul Gypsys are a band of brothers with one common goal: To change the world through the musical gifts god has given them.”

After reading that, I was even more intrigued so I listened to their music.  I was not disappointed.  I loved it.  They have some great songs on their Facebook page.  My favorites were Let Me Know and Bring Me Down.  Watching their videos on youtube, I couldn't help but notice the crowd response.  The people loved them as you can hear in the video above of Saw You Today.  So clearly, the quotes were right, this is not simply 'a band.'  

Read and learn more about these guys so you know who it is you are listening to:

  • How did the band get together? 

We are out of Elizabethtown Ky. We have been playing our instruments individually for years but we have been together as a band for 8 months. We originated out of a place called Pandaruella. It’s a production company and a brand.
Jeffery was out at Pandaruella doing session work and working on his drum career,
Aaron had a band that was recording at Pandaruella,
Mike was a good friend who hung out at Pandaruella and played guitar and just was a part of the family
and Justin was in a band around Elizabethtown that we met playing shows with him.
We all came together and fit like a glove, it was an instant thing. We all just meshed well together from day one.

  • How did the name Blue Soul Gypsys Originate? 

The name came about in a funny way. We had no idea what we wanted to call ourselves at first. Aaron knew he wanted to have gypsy somewhere in the name. It was one of those things where we were all just throwing words out and writing them on a piece of paper and The Blue Soul Gypsys is what we came up with. We feel that Blue is a heavenly color and it’s a feel good color. You must have Soul when you play music, music is much more than just hearing it, it’s something you must feel. Then Gypsys because we all live an unconventional lifestyle, we take the path less traveled and we like it that way, life is special and we want to make sure we don’t take advantage of any aspect of life so we cherish everything that comes our way. Also we do spell gypsys wrong on purpose.

  • Who are the band members?

Lead Singer: Aaron Mcdowell
Rhythm: Mike Patrick
Bass: Justin Perez
Drums:  Jeffrey Scott

  • What is your favorite song and why?

It’s tough to say, we really enjoyed the writing process on "Inside Mirror". Justin Perez wrote that song but we all came together and just felt out the music. "Bring Me Down" written by Aaron Mcdowell was another favorite of ours. We were really happy with how that one turned out and the feeling it gave us when we first heard it.
Over all we love all the music we produce, it’s all from the heart and it’s all meant to capture someone’s feelings. Whether you’re happy, sad, upset, feeling down, betrayed, inspired, touched, blessed. We write music that expresses our emotions and we hope to help someone else express their emotions by listening to it and feeling the melody. We love all of our fans and we love all of the people we haven't reached yet.

  • What’s going on for the band right now?

Right now we will be playing: 
Second Saturday in Elizabethtown on the square on May 11th.
Las Margaritas towards Radcliff on May 17th
Gerstles in Louisville on May 24th
Haymarket Bar in Louisville May 31st
Freeman Lake June 1st we are doing Song For The Missing.
Those are things we have going on in the immediate future. We are working to raise money to create our first album.

  • Anything else you would like to add?

The main thing we want to stress is we want everyone to find their own dream and pursue their dream with everything they have. We live by a code of
"A dream that you dream alone remains a dream but a dream that you dream together becomes reality. One person alone can't do it but a group of people together can accomplish anything."
If we can help anyone pursue their dream we encourage you to message us and tell us about your dreams and aspirations. If no one else believes in you, we do.

Find out more about The Blue Soul Gypsys at the following sites:

We encourage anyone to follow us and to contact us. We love meeting new people and just helping others out in this crazy thing called life. No one has to go through it alone.

*Photography done by Samantha Langley at Pandaruella Productions

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