Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Swiping Pocketbooks

By JccKeith

“It’s a good thing you didn’t have your pocketbook out.  I used to swipe pocketbooks.”
-the guy sitting a couple chairs down from me at the Oil Change place

What’s that?  You used to swipe pocketbooks?  Did that guy really just tell me he used to swipe things?  Who says swipe?  What is he a cartoon character?  And who still says pocketbook?  Even my grandparents don’t use the term pocketbook.

There I was sitting in a chair waiting the obligatory 10 minutes for my 10 minute oil change when this guy piped up.  He announced to the room that he was 67 years old.  Why he did so or why it was important, you got me.  I do not go around announcing to people in random waiting rooms that I am 35 years old.  I do not go around randomly announcing numbers – although now that I think about it, it might be fun.

I think this guy may have been full of it.  It seemed a little convenient that his age was 67.  Just outside the oil change place, visible through the window was a sign for the gas station next door.  The price of gas?  $3.67.  So I have to wonder if this guy just saw the number and decided to be that age.

Me personally, I might have chosen to tell people I was 367.  It would be far more interesting.  I could be a vampire, or an immortal from the Highlander series.  Or I could be just some completely insane person who hangs out at oil change places amusing people with my stories of swiping pocketbooks. 

For the record, I feel it imperative to mention that I was doing my due diligence while waiting.  I was thinking about my post for today.  On a regular Wednesday I would post something about classic literature.  I had on my mind Thoreau and his ideas for living life.  I was thinking some very deep, very profound and classic thoughts.  Just so you know.  Then this guy happened.

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