Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Picture!!!

This is not my picture.  I did not paint it nor do I own the rights to it.  I came home from my busy day and realized I had not yet enlightened you people with a painting for today.  It's Sunday - so I am compelled to share a truly amazing, awesome painting with you.  In this spirit, I went to a search engine and typed in "Paintings that are awesome."  Here is the result:

Check that out!  I asked the internet to show me an awesome painting and it accepted the challenge successfully.  How awesome is this painting?  It has a unicorn - a must to be classified as awesome.  It has a cute little puppy with his buddy the kitten, there are a couple of ducks, some pretty, flowing streamy water, some flowers, some streaming sunlight through some trees and in the background a romantic little bridge.

The only thing missing is a cool castle but I'm sure there is one just beyond the border of the picture, surely there is a castle nearby.  Enjoy your complete painting!

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