Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Wanted to Be Cool

By JccKeith

Recently I was very, very – as in words cannot describe my elation – excited to have tracked down the blog of a specific person.  And the best part is it was by accident.  I wasn’t exactly searching the internet looking for this person’s blog.  I was looking up something else to do with Stargate for some other reason.  Then in a search result was a comment made by Joe Mallozzi on an old blog.  I followed the trail to his new blog on wordpress.

Joe Mallozzi was a writer and executive producer for all three Stargate series.  Which means, in my book, he is in the upper echelon of people I would care to read the thoughts of.  He is not a superhero or anything like that but then last time I checked, they were make believe and did not have blogs.  This guy is a real person who was intimately involved with my most favorite shows of all time.  If he had an action figure, I would probably own one.

Anyway, this post is not about touting the virtues of this guy.  This post is a rant about my lack of coolness.  I have been following Joe Mallozzi’s blog for a couple of weeks now.  I have been reading the comments of others like me who are big fans of the shows.  I figured, being the intelligent, witty person that I am – my comments would be among the ones that were different.  My comments would be regarded as the ones people, or more notably Mr. Mallozzi, would want to read due to their wit and wisdom and seeming coolness.

Well, that dream died when I started reading the comments.  Not only was I not as well versed in the television industry as some of these commentors – who obviously have worked in some way in the field – I was also not as much of a foodie as Mallozzi or his followers.  I am woefully ill-informed when it comes to food and special dishes and preparations and other such fancy food items/terms.

I have no desire to be informed on fancy foods or bizarre dishes.  I figure, if I can dowse it in garlic salt then I’m good with it.  If it grows in the ground and is classified as a vegetable of some sort – chances are good I will like it.  If it is a fruit – chances are also good I’ll like it.  If I can dip it in a sauce of some kind –ranch, barbeque, soy, eel, whatever – odds are I might like it.  Now on the other hand, if it is slimy and/or smells like a creek bed then chances are good I won’t like it or even try it.

That being said about the food – this guy posts a lot about his ‘projects.’  His projects are television and movie related things.  I realized, reading the comments, that I do not know near as much about the industry as I would like.  I also realized – much to my dismay – that I lack any funny or cool sounding things to say that someone else hasn’t already said in some much cooler way.

So this is my rant today.  I have found the blog of someone I like, whose work I love.  I like reading about his life and his projects but I am far from one of his coolest followers.  I really, really wanted to be one of the cool people for a change.  I figured, hey, among science fiction show followers, surely I would be among the cooler crowd.  I am not.  Apparently, I am just as nerdy and awkward as I feared.  When it comes to comments, I am just as geeky as everyone else except a select few really neat people whose blogs I have also now begun to follow.  I think I am beginning to qualify as a stalker of these trendy peeps. 

Anyone else out there have any similar experiences?  Ever follow someone’s blog that you suddenly realize has followers who are much more experienced than yourself?  Ever start following their blogs too in an effort to catch up?


  1. Actually, you are pretty cool. And able to express yourself with intelligent and wit.

    See you on the blog!

    JM (

  2. I do it all the time. Most of the time I wish I was so much cooler than I actually am. I am reminded of one of the last Felicia Day music videos " I'm the one that's cool". Though I still feel like one of the dorks.