Friday, May 10, 2013

Field of Kings: Music Spotlight

Interview By JccKeith
Vis a Vis
Performed by: Field of Kings
Copywright FoKproductions, LLC
Album: Soiree

Doing my usual prowling and lurking around looking for great music to feature, I found Field of Kings.  Their music was different than what I had been hearing.  It was unique and showed a definite backwoods influence. It surprised me in a good way and I just knew I had to feature this very cool band.  I sent them a message and was fortunate to get a response and answers to my interview questions.  Read about how these talented musicians got their start and where they're headed now:

1. How did the band originate?
Laren and Tyler have been playing together since middle school.  They formed Field of Kings and they recruited Alex from Craig’s List.  They have known Justin since high school and Anna is Laren’s cousin.  Most of us have known each other for a while.

2. How did you get your name?
We always try to come up with some deep and thoughtful process on how we got our name.  To be honest I saw a sign that said Kingsfield and just switched the words around.  It wasn’t until later that we really understood what that name meant to us.  Field of Kings is that feeling of ultimate happiness, being on top of the world, a place where everybody is a King.  Growing up, we would go out at night, gather around bonfires, drink, listen to music, and just enjoy the company of people we chose to be around.  We were a field of kings plus Anna – ha,ha – Anna came along after the name.

3. Who are the band members?
Tyler Stiller: Lead vocals, guitar
Laren Rapp: Guitar, vocals
Alex Sartin: Bass
Justin lee: Drums
Anna Blanton: Violin, Mandolin, Backup vocals

4. What is your favorite song and why?
We all have different favorites.  We usually end with Some Kind of Desire because it is in your face at the end and drives to a completely epic ending when we play it live which you don’t get to hear on the album.  We all know Anna’s favorite is Wrong War cause she gets to jam on it.

5. What's going on for the band right now?
We just finished a new self-titled EP we have released online.  We are starting to book shows again.  We are always looking for festivals and bigger national acts to open for.  We’ve opened for Roadkill Ghost Choir, Secondhand Serenade, and Red Wanting Blue in the nearpast. 
Our next show is at Rup Arena for a convention on June 11. 
We’ll have more shows announced on our FB page.  We recently also started vigorously looking for a managing agent so we can focus on our music.  Fingers crossed something works out.

Wrong War
Field of Kings
performed at Buster's in Lexington, KY

Find out more about Field of Kings at these sites:

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