Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cover & Blurb: Oh Brother! A Rico and Tugger Tale

‘Nico and Tugger’ Teach Children about New Siblings
New book explores sibling rivalry, growing a family
HAMILTON, N.J.–Transitions are never easy, and adding a new brother or sister to one’s family can leave children a little confused and a lot rebellious. Author Kimberly Sentek hopes to ease the minds of parents and children alike in her new story told by two characters in Oh Brother!: A Nico and Tugger Tale (published by Trafford Publishing).
In her book, Sentek tells the tale of Nico and Tugger – two loveable dogs who become brothers and must learn how to sit, stay, and play nice with each other. Her motivation to write the story hit very close to home.
“When I got my second dog and saw how the two interacted together, I thought it paralleled how children act with each other,” Sentek says.
The story unfolds from each dog’s perspective, which will help children understand differing points of view and learn how to adapt to a new sibling.
“It is a gift to have a sibling; I hope the book helps children understand this and shows them that everyone can fit in the family, even if it doesn’t seem like it at times.”
About the book:

Oh Brother! by Kimberly Sentek
ISBN: 978-1466942875
Publisher: Trafford
Date of publish: October 2012
Pages: 28
S.R.P.: $13.99
About the author:
Kimberly Sentek lives in New Jersey with her two dogs, Nico and Tugger. They love long walks around the neighborhood, eating popcorn, and having their bellies rubbed. For more information on the author or to download puzzles and coloring pages, please visit .

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