Saturday, May 4, 2013

Casting An Eye At The Pods: The Tony Kornheiser Show

 By: William G. Muir
Q: What is old, orange, and bald?
A: The subject of this post, Tony Kornheiser.

The podcast I am going to talk about today is not really a podcast. Well it is and it isn't. It is a podcast in the sense that you can download the show as a podcast. It is not a podcast because it is a radio show  that actually goes out over the actual airwaves and is subject to F.F.C rules and regulations. But as far as I am concerned I get the show from the podcast section of the Itunes store. Therefore it counts as a podcast for out purposes.

So what is this week's podcast that we will be taking a look at? 

Well that is a very good question, I am glad I asked. 

Why thank you very much. 

You are welcomed....

Now cut that out. Today's podcast is The Tony Kornheiser Show. 

 Hopefully some of you are saying right now, that name sounds familiar. Those of you that are sports fans will probably recognize the name from either his stint as color analyst on Monday Night Football (2006-2009). Others of you might know Tony as the co-host of the ESPN sports show, Pardon The Interruption.

Before his careers on the radio and television, Tony was a newspaper reporter. He started off his career at the Newsday were he worked from 1970-76. From there he went to work at the New York Times from 1976-79. He finally moved to Washington D.C. in 1979 to go and work at the Washington Post. (Yes that Washington Post.) While there Tony worked as both a style and sports reporter. Tony worked for the Post from 1979-2008 when he was bought-out.

That is enough back ground on Tony, let us now cast our eyes towards The Tony Kornheiser Show. For those of you who are interest, The T.K, Show first hit the air in 1992 being broadcast on WTEM (ESPN 980). Over the years there has been many different incarnations of the show. The show had several different homes on local and national radio as well as short runs on satellite radio. The current version of the show is WTEM, which Kornheiser returned to back in 2009 after having left the Monday Night Football broadcasting booth. 

So what is the show about? 

Another excellent question, if I dare say so. 

Why yes you may, thank you. 

You are...

Let's not start that again.

The show is primarily a sports talk show. Which would make sense since it is on ESPN. Sports is not the only topic which Tony and his crew cover on the show. On any day it is possible to hear the T'K gang giving their opinions on such issues as news (local and national), politics (local and national), television programs (both scripted, such as Mad Men and The Americans, and reality shows like American Idol and The Voice), celebrity/pop culture, music and the arts.

Unlike most sports talks show, Tony doesn't interview athletes. He finds such interviews to be boring and the athletes rarely wish to talk about the topic Tony wants to discuss. Though T. K. does interview people like sports writers and television sports pundits. Tony also doesn't take phone calls from listeners, or as he call them, "the littles," as in little people.

In reality it seems like The Tony Kornheiser Show is nothing more than a way for Tony and his friends to share opinions on the issues of the day. For Tony to complain about being old and all that entails, like leaving parties early so he can go home to go to bed. But in the end I believe the show is way for Tony to persuade his audience, and convince business to send him free stuff. (Something this writer would not be offend by. Especially if the free merchandise happened to be Doctor Who products.)  

Everyday...well not everyday...Monday-Friday...well not even every Monday-Friday. On the days that Tony does the show he is joined by a rotating cast of co-host. Usually the number of co-host is two, but that is not always the case. The show has what Tony refers to as the "guy chair" and the "chick chair" as the it is often the case that one of the co-host is a man while the other one is a lady. Though sometimes their are days when it is an all guy show, and days when Tony is joined with only  female co-host.

The show revolves around Tony's sarcastic sense of humor. Whether it is some idiot who managed to get themselves in the news because of whatever stupid thing they have done. Or high profile people such as athletes, movie/television stars, or politicians, Tony is not afraid to bad mouth them as well. If you are doing something stupid Tony will call you on it.

But don't get me wrong, Tony will also turn his cutting wit upon himself. Tony has admitted that he has a fear of driving over bridges. He also is constantly referring to how old he is as well as being bald and orange. The tag for the show is this show stinks. It is even part of the shows email address.

The question is would I recommend the show to you reads. 

Don't you start, 

Yes, yes I would recommend it.  

The thing I like most about The Tony Kornheiser Show is that it is not like most sports talk shows. And I am not talking about the fact that it is causal talk show, most sports talk show venture into pop culture. No what I like about the show is that it is smarter than most sports shows. The vast majority of sports talk show host seem to be nothing more than Neanderthal. Most of them don't seem to have two braincells to rub together.

Whereas Tony and his co-host are well educated, middle class folk, with a mix of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. They are all well rounded individuals that have seen what it is that life has to offer them. They know how the game is played and know how to play it.
 The show offers something for everybody, whether it be news, politics, sports or even a full winter weather forecast. Throw on top of that such segments as Old Guy Radio where they play an old song, Tony talks nostalgic about some aspect of his youth and then later on he reads listeners emails that give him a hard time about what he talked about that day.  

If you wish to send an email to Tony's Mailbag you can do so at Make sure to tell him what route you take to work, what you had for lunch and what your neighbors are up to. Make sure to also ask him about his stamp collection.

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