Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: What If?

What If?


Book of Inspiration LaSheka Hollingsworth, an inspirational writer and poet, offers past, present, and future examples of issues that she had struggled with, including examples of biblical stories that helped her get through past mistakes by having a relationship with God, she changed her life for the better. Her work is to help all people that have changed in a miraculous way; although, they may have struggled with past decisions, Hollingsworth believes that God will help all people get through whatever the situation may be. Her book will help people to grow both spiritually and mentally. She uses bible scripture to show that trials and tribulations are to make a person strong, but through faith in God they will be healed. In the process, Hollingsworth is aware that all people struggle with their past sins, but she gives direct scripture that will give direction to those individuals who have changed, and the book will help those people who are looking for direction. L. Hollingsworth understands that people struggle with one's past mistakes for all have sinned under the sun. L. Hollingsworth is a believer that God can turn all issues into something positive, by making a difference in the world around them. This book is for the everyday person who has been hunted by past mistakes, although, the person has changed his or life. A book of inspiration that will give light to the situation that has helped change the person's actions. This book will indeed brighten your day and will be a blessing to all who read.

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