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Book Cover & Blurb: I Love My Doctor, But...

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I Love My Doctor, But…by Lawrence W. Gold, M.D.
Grass Valley, CA - I Love My Doctor, But… deals with serious healthcare matters in a lighthearted and entertaining manner.
Dr. Gold emphasizes patient-physician interaction as a starting point in the healthcare debate.
You have questions for your physician, but don’t ask them?
Your physician has questions for you, but he/she doesn’t ask them.
That’s one hell of a way to run an airline, a railroad, a government, or a medical practice.
Who’s at fault is beside the point, but difficult or painful questions unasked or unanswered threatens your health and compromises the physician’s ability to care for you.
You have something that you want to confide to your physician, but you don’t. You sigh with relief when he/she doesn’t ask.
You’re a physician and you need the answers to important questions that might make your patient uncomfortable. You’re relieved when he/she isn’t forthcoming or you run out of time.
Patients and physicians are often wrong when they predict which questions will be offensive.
If it’s important to your health, ask.

If it’s important to your job as a healer, ask.
I Love My Doctor, But… empowers patients and their physicians and offers common sense answers to important healthcare questions.
The book deals with important issues about being a patient or a physician in this tumultuous healthcare environment. Dr. Gold doesn’t join the chorus in the healthcare debate over financing, but he does make suggestions at the patient-physician level that offers hope.
Dr. Gold makes specific suggestions about:
  1. Talking with, and getting along with your physician
  2. Medical malpractice
  3. How much care is enough
  4. Matching patient and physician
  5. Finding a physician
  6. Online information
  7. Take away suggestions
  8. When to go to the emergency room
  9. Glossaries: medical terminology and medical specialists
About the book:
I Love MY Doctor, But…by Lawrence W. Gold, M.D.
ISBN: 978-1484110942
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish:
Pages: 98
S.R.P.: $6.99
About the author:
Dr. Gold is a retired physician (nephrologist) and long-distance cruiser. He is the author of First, Do No Harm(2007), No Cure for Murder(2011), For the Love of God(2012), and The Sixth Sense. Dr. Gold is the author of four screenplays. Rage won an honorable mention in the 80th Writer’s Digest contest.

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