Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What They Said: The Fourth Doctor

by: William G. Muir

But if I kill, wipe out a whole intelligent life form, then I'd become like them. I'd be no better than the Daleks! The Fourth Doctor

The above quote is from the Doctor Who episode Genesis of the Daleks. In this episode the Doctor's people, the Time Lords, have sent the Doctor on a very special mission. They sent him back in time to the creation of the most vile creatures in the whole universe, The Daleks. The Time Lords wish the Doctor to seek out and halt the Daleks before they have even been created.

Even though the Daleks are the Doctor's oldest and deadliest enemy of all times, he questions if he has the right to destroy them. He knows that by killing an entire species, an intelliget species, he will be no better then them. Matter of fact if he did he would become just like them.

I can't help but thinking of how much easier it is in television, movies and literature to know who the bad guy is. We all know the man in the black hat is the one we are suppose to despise. We all know this because the writers go out of their way to make sure the villains are so evil we will root for the good guys. Even if the good guys have to blur the line between good and evil to bring down their foe.

But it is not so easy in real life to tell who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. As an Atheist I have to rely on my own sense of what I believe to be right and wrong to determine what I think is good and evil. For those of you who are theist, you have your holy works to let you know what is right or wrong, good or evil. But I propose to you that in the end what we think of as good and evil, what meets those standards are just based on our own perspective.

I think universally, for the majority of us, we can all agree that there are a couple things that we all see as being evil; no matter what. For the most part we see rape and murder as evil. There is no two ways about it. Both of these are crimes that violate the sanctity of the other person's being. They are both crimes that destroy those fall victim to them. They steal the spirit of those who have been targeted.

But for everything else it depends on what side of the line you fall. There are those that think abortion is murder and it is a crime against the unborn. They wish for it to be illegal. But for others they see as an individuals right to choose. There are those that see what they call the cooperate greed and the finical collapse that took place several years back as being high crimes. Other look at it as the risk one takes when you invest and just a natural cycle of economy.

Or what about the events that happened on 9/11. For a larger portion of the world, mainly those of us here in America, in the West, and in the Christian world, that saw that as the actions of evil people. (I am not trying to imply that the groups I named are the only who view the events of that day as such. Or that all people who happen to fall outside of those groups are evil. No the people that took part in the activities on that day and those supported them that day are the ones that I view to have committed evil acts that day.) There are those that would view anyone that prescribes to the same world views as those of the hijackers that days as being evil.

On the other hand those men that committed that awful crime that day, and all those people that have supported them and have declared a jihad against the Western world, would look at us and they think of us as the evil doers. For them the actions we have taken in supporting Israel and how we live our lives are crimes against their world view. And through their beliefs they must stomp out all those that would oppose the will of their God. For them it is black and white.

But in the end it just depends on which side of the line you fall on. For the most part good and evil are just opposite sides of the same coin. For almost all the things you will ever encounter in your life it comes down to the toss of a coin on whether or not you view it to be good or evil. You are not consciously aware of the fact that this is going, but it is. Buried deep inside your brain you are trying to figure out if this is heads it is good, tails it is evil.

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