Saturday, April 6, 2013

Undead Inspiration

By JccKeith

There I was having a peaceful morning, enjoying my coca cola at 4 a.m. as I so often do – and then some zombies showed up and insisted I write their story.  It was unexpected as I have never entertained zombies before now.  I’ve never invited them into my stories. 

The undead have never been a feature of my writing and that includes zombies, vampires, mummies or otherwise supernatural back-from-the dead creatures.  I love watching them on television and in movies I have just never had any inspiration to write about them. 

Today was different.  I had a conversation with my husband previously about zombies.  He had some ideas.  I thought they were good ideas but I didn’t give it any further thought.  I went back to my writing.  A couple of hours later, the zombies showed up. 

To say the least, they were unwanted guests.  As they have never brought story ideas with them on prior occasions, they were merely a distraction.  I was writing other things and crafting my F is for Foraging for Inspiration post for the A-Z Challenge.  I was busy, too busy for zombies to bother me at that moment.

These undead wouldn’t give up.  They pestered me.  They lingered in my every thought.  Then when I finally went to lie down to sleep, they kept me awake.  So I got up.  I finally turned my attention their way and low and behold – they had story ideas!  A great story idea began to form in my mind.  A story about undead, about viruses, about devious schemes and devious people – and most surprising, about laboratories.

I haven’t cared to write about anyone doing anything in a laboratory since last November for the NaNoWriMo challenge.  So it was a double win.  The undead had brought laboratory science with them.  How considerate as I have plenty of knowledge of laboratory procedures and it would be easy to write about. 

All in all, my unexpected and demanding zombie guests turned out to be wonderful.  They have been keeping me company all day.  They are gifted storytellers.  Who knew the undead had such creative ideas?  So for any readers out there, if zombies show up at 4 a.m. hear them out, you might like what they have to say.  

*Pictures are me at Louisville Zombie Walk 2012*

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  1. So glad your guests turned out to be wonderful - you never know with zombies. ;)