Thursday, April 11, 2013

Struggles and Support

Sometimes we don’t realize how strong we are until our strength is required.  If you never fight you could still 
lose and you most certainly will never win.  Sometimes the challenges we face might seem insurmountable but you can’t back down.

There are those fighting hard battles right now.  There are those who are facing hard battles to come.  I can’t compare my current struggles with theirs.  All I can say is that we each have our mountains to climb.  Sometimes it seems we summit a mountain only to see the mountain range that lies before us.  It is daunting, life, and is not for the weak.

For me, right now, I am struggling among other things with something all writers have faced.  There is the self doubt, the criticism and the fight to be taken seriously.  There is the quest to be published.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to decide who and what you are.  You have to claim your place in the world and then live up to it.  I had to search for this quote but I liked it so much, I felt it was worth it.  These phrases come from Robert Fulghum’s writing about fairy tales in the book Uh-Oh.

“To insist on one’s place in the scheme of things and to live up to that place.

To empower others in their reaching for some place in the scheme of things.

To do these things is to make fairy tales comes true.”

You see I have this fairy tale of becoming a writer someday and having my novels published.  I had a short story published recently and it meant a lot to me.  I felt like for the first time I could truly call myself a writer.
Then there are those who say it’s not enough.  You have to have more than a single short story published.  You have to have a novel or several short stories or you have to be making money writing to seriously call yourself a writer.  I am not ‘making money’ and I have only had the one story published.  These people are stomping all over my enthusiasm and not contributing to making my fairy tale come true.

Personally, I like to try and help other’s fairy tales come true.  I like to encourage the trying.  I like to cheer when the accomplishments come.  I support them because they deserve my support, in writing and in life. 

As I said in a post recently, I am not a fairy godmother.  I don’t swoop in and make magical dreams come true.  I support those who reach for their goals. I cheer on those who work towards what they want in life.  I try to lessen the burden of carrying concerns alone.  

If you have decided who you are and know what you want, then I will cheer you on in your efforts.  If not, then I will cheer you on in the working towards figuring that out.  Writers should support other writers in their efforts.  People should lift up others to reach whatever goals they set.  Last but not least, always reach for the stars, never settle for just the mountain top.

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