Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday Laziness

By JccKeith

I have spent the last few hours goofing around on facebook in an attempt to find something to write about.  I usually rant or rave about something on Saturdays.  Normally this is not an issue for me because well, I enjoy complaining.  I do like to rave a little bit, but it’s more raving like a lunatic than it is saying good things about something. 

Tonight I was drawing a blank.  There was nothing coming to mind that annoyed me or inspired me to write.  I should have considered this good fortune, this not having anything to complain about tonight.  I mean, how often does that happen that nothing is annoying me or making me want to rant?  I can’t say I recall the last time this was the case.  But let’s face it, as a writer, as someone who needs to write a daily post, I need a little bit of drama here and there.

I need something to really tick me off or totally inspire me.  The thing is, today was not so bad.  I had a few good meals, I had cake and more to the point – I had really good cake.  Not that store bought hard as cardboard iced crappy cake.  This was homemade cake with really creamy icing that just melted in my mouth.  How can I be upset when there is cake?

When I arrived home after the cake had been had for a birthday party, my couch awaited.  I love my couch.  It is comfortable and welcoming and my computer was sitting there next to it as if waiting for me to pick it up. 

“Oh laptop, how I should have been tap tap tapping on your keys all night. Oh couch, I cannot say enough good things about you.  Television, bringer of sci-fi shows to my eyes – I cannot possibly count the ways you inspire me.”

As I felt the goodness of reuniting with the objects of comfort in my life I realized much to my somewhat dismay, that I hadn’t thought about them all night.  I was having cake after all.  I hadn’t missed them at all.  My fingers had not turned to dust and fallen away from not typing.  My eyes had not lost sight due to not viewing my favorite sci-fi shows.  My butt had not missed sitting so lazily upon the couch cushions.

Could it be possible that I did not need these items as much as I had believed?  Could it be possible to be fulfilled without their presence?  It would seem so.  I hadn’t even used my cell phone all night.  It had sat untouched in my van the entire time. 

I had spent the entire evening conversing with real people in face to face conversations.  I had laughed.  I had been entertained. I had complained, just a little, about property taxes (but we won’t get into the government and their random property tax assessments and complete lack of ability to do their job).  It felt good to be out and about.  It felt great to communicate on something other than the internet.

And then there was cake, have I mentioned the cake?  Cake was followed by candy.  Yes, candy, from a
parade no less.  Free candy I didn’t have to go door to door to obtain, I didn’t have to shell out an arm and a leg to buy at a store, I didn’t receive by default as leftovers from some holiday – it was just a bag of unexpected candy. 

There were Blow Pops, I love Blow Pops.  Blow Pops are dreamy sugar with every lick and then when you can’t take it and bite into the hard candy shell, you are rewarded with the prize – gum.  Sweet, sticky, wonderful gum. 

There were Dum Dums.  There were Tootsie Rolls.  There were Starburst.  Most importantly, there was bubble gum.  I love the simple joy of chewing bubble gum.  That moment, that amazingly tasty moment when you first put it in your mouth and experience the sweet savory rush of absolute sugar is without compare.  It is ever so brief as you chew and chew to obtain more and more sugary flavor until that few seconds later when it has lost its taste and is just a wad of something chewy now sticking to your teeth.

At the point of loss of flavor of gum, it becomes a whole different thing.  It is now this wonderful piece of stretchy something that you can blow bubbles with.  I love blowing bubbles and then withdrawing my breath quickly to make that sharp –pop!-  Yes it is annoying when other people do it but I do it anyway because it’s fun.  Gum is nothing short of fun filled entertainment for at least a few good minutes.  After a few minutes it has annoyed enough people that it must be discarded and harmony returned to the room.

In a world full of terrible things and terrible people, I managed to not think about any of them tonight.  I didn’t read any horrible stories on the news.  I didn’t pour my heart out into any legends or stories or in editing my novel.  I didn’t have anything to do tonight except be.  I was just present and accounted for tonight and it was nice, for once, to not be busy doing something.  Having no agenda, no need to finish something, no worries other than a piece of gum running out of flavor – I guess tonight I am raving.  

I am raving, I am saying yay for cake!  Yay for candy!  Yay for conversations that don’t involve a computer!  Yay for enjoying the simple joys in life!


  1. YAY for existing with no strings attached! :)

  2. I would love to have such a day. It sounds fantastic. Glad you had a good one!