Friday, April 19, 2013

Monkey Grip Truth Conquers: Music Spotlight

A Brief Interview

By JccKeith

Let me tell you a story.  Allow me to weave the intricate web that is the tale of how Monkey Grip began:  A guy bought a house.  The house had a basement and the guy said, “This is good.”  The guy then called up his cousin and said, “Want to start a band?”  The cousin said, “Yes.” Monkey Grip was born.
Monkey Grip had a lead singer and a guitar player but it needed more.  So the two guys called the younger brother of the first guy and asked him to join the band.  He said, “Yes.”
Monkey Grip then had a lead singer and two guitar players but it needed more.  So the three guys asked the first two guy’s friend the bass player if he wanted to be in the band.  He said, “Yes.”

Monkey Grip was a band but they still needed one more thing, a drummer.  So the second guy called his drummer friend, whom he had played in a band with previously in their youth, and asked him if he wanted to be in the band.  He said, “Yes.” 

The band was complete and practice began.

So where did the name Monkey Grip come from?

“Me and Matt used the name in 2001 when we had a band.  The original line up at that time was Me, Matt, Chris Crafton and a different drummer.  We got the name from a feat used in the Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition game.  We just thought the name was kind of like our personalities, funny and goofy.  It’s a name that will stick in people’s heads, a name they’ll be like, “Monkeygrip?  What’s that?”  It’s a name they’ll remember.” 
–  says Mike Keith, a.k.a ‘the cousin’ or ‘the second guy’ or as he was known when I met him, ‘the three hour guy.’  He goes on to answer a few more of my questions about the band and their future.

Who writes the songs?

“We’ve been trying to all write the songs together but initially when we got together, I wrote the first few songs and Nick wrote one song.  One of our first songs, “Bleeding Hands” was actually written by Matt and Chris and was from our earlier band with Me, Matt and Chris."

What is your favorite song?

Truth Conquers.  It was one of the first songs we played together.  I like the feel of the song, it’s the direction I’d personally like to see the band go.  I wrote the song and it kind of has a personal meaning.  It’s about the Battle of Barry.  The Battle of Barry is a legendary Scottish battle found in the history of the Keith clan.  Which of course, Keith is the last name of three of the band members.”

What’s next for Monkey Grip?

“We’re going into the studio to record an album and we’re going to start playing shows this summer.”

To keep up with Monkey Grip and their upcoming shows and album or to learn more about Truth Conquers, visit their facebook page or website:


Band Members:

Lead Singer: Matt Keith
Guitarist: Mike Keith
Guitarist: Blake Keith
Bass Guitarist: Nick Johnson
Drummer: Aaron Chamberlain


  1. Always good to show support for the smaller and relatively unknown bands. :D

    1. Promoting music is always the right thing to do!