Monday, April 22, 2013

Martial Law: What is your take on it?

By: michala t.
The Boston Bombing is behind us…as in days and yet they will remain in our memories just as any other horrific event whether global scale or personal. Our thoughts definitely went out to those who were immediately affected by the event. Having said that I wanted to raise a question to our viewers.

I have read various sources saying that on April 19th, a manhunt took place for the bombing suspect. During this process many homes were ‘searched’. I am wondering whether those people minded or not. They were not voluntary. The police and federal agents never knocked at the door and said, “may we search your home”. And I’ve seen a few videos of homes where the people were pulled away from their homes at gunpoint and then rushing into the house to perform their search.

I am not on the up and up with legalities and such. I’m so far away from being a professional of history and geography nor do I know all the laws. I have heard of ‘martial law’ (thank you television and Hollywood) but seeing it in action from a person’s video camera was eerily troublesome.

My question to the viewers here is:

Would you mind being treated like this (under Martial Law) knowing that they were searching for a terrorist or would you have a problem with it?

I personally…well, I freak out over a simple police officer pulling me over. So I’m sure I’d probably shit my pants or something of that nature if I had guns pointed at me and people yelling at me to….(fill in the blank). But Would I mind it so much because it was for the sake of protecting our country?

I think I would. I don’t appreciate my rights being taken away. I wouldn’t appreciate being treated like I’M the one who is doing something and by having guns pointed at me, yells in my face, and what not…I think I would mind it very much.

But of course, all this is hypothetical as its not happened to me. I’m sure the people person taking this picture wasn’t expecting Martial Law to come knocking at their door either. I suppose it was hypothetical until April 19th for them too.

I mean…look at this picture. Do you see that soldier pointing a gun at ‘you’. Would you really not mind that?


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