Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lessons from a Cracked Rearview Mirror: Dessert before Dinner?

Lessons from a Cracked Rearview Mirror

I’ve been in school for an eternity already, or so it feels. Trying to work, study, and write (on top of raising a family) is damn near impossible. Somehow I’ve managed to do it and I consider myself very blessed thus far.

I’m not the most responsible ‘student’ and I’ll admit I’ve done my share of procrastinating until way past a deadline. And being in school for this long has ultimately left me feeling completely burnt out on ‘learning’ and ‘studying’. I’m bone dry. At least I feel that way and still my professors push and push and I somehow manage to produce more scholastic papers.

All this studying has zapped me of my creative sparks. My urge to write is ever present and I even find my fingers twitching with the need to type a piece of a story out. But I tell myself I can’t allow the creative me to come out until the school work is done.

I mean honestly, do you think I’m going to let my kiddos play all day before they do their work? Nope. I’m going to be like every other loving mother and say, ‘get your work done and then you can play.’ That’s just how it’s done, yes?

See…that’s not the way it works for me anymore. I recently learned that if I allow myself to utilize my passionate creative side FIRST I create the energy to write and I do. And once I do I feel productive, happy, content, and I move into that crazy thought process which goes something like..

Well, I just wrote 3,000 words of a story and man it feels great. Hmm…don’t I have homework to do? Yep, I  still gotta write 750 words today.”

Now, it probably takes me 45 minutes to write a 3000 word chapter but it takes me four hours to write a 750 research paper! It’s crazy, truly it is! But while that energy is buzzing around inside my head, coursing through my veins and into my fingertips there is power. Power that I can use to write academic papers.

So today…I think I am going to ‘go play’ before I get my work done. And I’ve moved that into my kids lives. When they get home from school I give them their snack and then kick them out…’go play!’. Then an hour and a half later I draw them back in and make them do their studies. Even they feel more productive and energized to do their work after playing.

What do you do? Does this resonate anywhere for you? Share your thoughts and comments!

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