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Interview w/the Author: Sherry Wood

                                                       Sherry Wood

Time for another Interview with the author. Today we have the excellent Sherry Wood visiting. Sherry, let’s start this off by telling us two truths and a lie!  

 I’m drinking coffee,
John Magaro has great hair
the weather is wonderful right now in NY

Haha. Okay, well my magical powers of deduction are calculating that you are indeed a coffee drinker and whoever John Magaro is…what’s up with his hair? New York and weather? Um…that’s the lie! LOL (Hey, I never said they were good logical deductions!) Please Sherry, tell our viewers a bit about yourself.
I love New Orleans, and will be writing about it in my guest blog.  My favorite author is Bret Easton Ellis. My favorite color is the color of Banny Jones’ eyes when he’s angry (a very sultry black) The color of Julian Casablancas’s hair when it’s very dirty. Oh and the color of the sky at 7 am…  I can’t remember the name of the first book I ever read, but it had something to do with a mouse riding a motorcycle. It was great. The mouse lived in New York, of course.  My favorite musician…I LOVE music, listen to everything from Nicki Minaj to Thin Lizzy. There are great bands in NY happening right now. Black Statues is one!  And my favorite song is “Drive” by the Cars is such a great song, the Deftones version is great too!  “Shameless” is definitely my favorite show on. Cameron Monaghan and Emmy Rossum always bring tears to my eyes when they’re going through something trying. Everyone on that show is amazingly talented. And it FEELS like Chicago, it embodies the Chicago vibe.

I just read my kids the story I think you are talking about. It’s called Ralph the Mouse series. Loved it!!! J So what was the most difficult task for you while writing this book?
I wanted to put Banny Jones in it, but I wasn’t sure how to make that work, but being that Banny is a very complex character, and needs love so badly he doesn’t know what to do with it when he gets it, it confuses him – it changes the color of his eyes – anyway, I feel like he can get on with a lot of people, and there’s chemistry there, and I realized how well him and Tyler Godsalve would hit it off…so what was challenging at first became so much fun and rewarding in the end – and when I brought a character in like that, it was also a good way to get to know Tyler, how would he handle Banny? It showed a lot about who he was, too.

Banny was a very unique character and I can understand how you’d find it challenging but very fun at the same time! So can you recall what you were doing when you conceived the idea for Bad Direction?
I was out to dinner with my boyfriend, and we were talking about boy bands, and then I was joking about writing this book about this boy band of vampires – it started out as a joke, but after writing No Boss, I wanted to write something fun, and started writing Bad Direction for the hell of it, but I just enjoyed the characters, they were so addictive, and I was like screw it, I’m publishing this!

How fun! Sometimes those stories just pop out on us don’t they! J What is your writing schedule like?
I write all the time, but my best is in the morning. Morning is my favorite time of day, I am an avid coffee drinker, so drinking coffee and writing and listening to music – it’s just an enjoyable ritual every day. But I write periodically throughout the day. If I’m out and think of dialogue, I will send it to my email on my phone…

Who is most surprised by your having written your book?
Me, always. It’s always a great thing to end up with a novel, when something goes from an idea, some emotions, to an entire story.

Do you have any suggestions to other writers?
Oh, I don’t know…I don’t want to sound conceited. If it’s in you – it will make its way out. But don’t – DON’T – let anyone discourage you from doing what you want, what you believe you can achieve. Like I said, if it’s in you – it will come out. Characters and character development is vital, if you don’t care about the people you are reading about, then why would you care what happens to them?

 I’d have to say I completely agree with you there!  Well thanks so very much for visiting with us. Before you skip out, let’s do our
                                                                 Rapid Answer Zone

What were the last three songs you listened to?
Been listening o Bruce Springsteen this morning. Born In The USA, Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Hungry Heart

What was the last gift you purchased?
Probably sunglasses. No, actually jeans!

Where was the last tattoo you got?
It says “Bad Direxion” because that’s how Tyler Godsalve spells the name of his band in the book. If their groupies get it tattooed on them that way, they get to meet them.

Best fictional character?
 Veruca Salt was great. I don’t wanna sound cocky, but I like Banny Jones. I’m so proud of this character.

What is in your pocket right now?
Ha! Sunshine. ;)

You are indeed a blast! Now, which was a lie?
 The weather in NY, it’s snowing!! Hopefully not by the time anyone reads this though..

Oh yeah…magical deduction and logic was on my side today! J Sherry, it’s been so fun. Thank you so so so very much for visiting! Viewers…check our below for all the info you could ever want and support our authors. Buy their book and if you don’t enjoy reading…tell someone you know who does about it!


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