Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Interview with the Author: P.R. Shoenfeld

Paul Shoenfeld is going to lie to us. Can you believe that? Ugh…OMG…Okay, well, its all in good fun! Paul, hit us with two truths and a lie!

I was in the Army
I love steak
I'm a master gardener

 My magical deduction skills tell me….army…no…wait….gardener…nope. Steak. Wait, I’m sensing a huge no for steak. I’m going to go with you NOT being a master gardener. My crystal ball gives me a 68% chance of being right! LOL So, Paul…give us a good spiel…who are you?

Author: Robert Ludlum
Book-The Bourne Identity      
Color- Blue - I got to choose the color carpeting in my room when I was growing up and I've always liked blue so I chose blue for my carpeting and stuck with it ever since

Okay, so if you were on a deserted island what three items would you have to have!
An endless supply of pizza, a pizza oven and an endless supply of diet coke

Who was your favorite teacher?
Mr. Miller - He really cared and kept me in High school

If you could see anything what would it be?
The Great Wall of China

What time on the clock do you always notice most?

You sound like an interesting person. J So about this book of yours…Where di d you find the inspiration for it?         
Didn't really have one specific inspiration. I just thought up the basic premise and ran with it.

That happens to a lot of writers. J It just happened to me actually. So share with our viewers how you go about writing. Do you have methods, rituals, anything like that?
I usually put on my Bose headphones, turn on some Jazz and start writing. I have an outline but usually just sit down and start writing. If I get stuck I read back over the outline.

Outlines are the best!!! (In my opinion.) So what is the best and worst part of being a published writer?
Best part is seeing an actual finished product available for others to read. Worst has to be the marketing effort it takes. I want to write, not market.

I totally get what you are saying. How long did it take for you to write your book?
One year, but I was going to school full time as well. (Went back to get my degree in English Lit)

I’m in school right now. It does slow the progress, indeed it does. So do you have any goals for your writing?
Finish the Oliver and Harriet series and get on to the next series that's rattling around in my head.

 Well, we wish you all the best with your writing endeavors!  Real quick…let’s move straight into the                                                RAPID ANSWER ZONE
Last place you dined out?
Olive Garden

Last set of tickets you purchased for?
Jurassic Park 3D

Last gift you purchased?
Two books for my wife's birthday 

Now, which one of the three was the lie?
I am not a master gardener.
AHAHAHAHAH YAY! I got it right.  
About the Author
P. R. Schoenfeld spent 20 years working in corporate America, writing short stories in his spare time. Finally turning his full attention to writing, he produced Oliver and Harriet and the Dark Forest, his debut novel--and the first in the Oliver and Harriet series. Mr. Schoenfeld lives in Texas with his wife.

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