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Interview with the Author: Lee Bullen

Interview by Michala T.

It’s that time again. Time to talk with another author. I can’t help but love this part. Today we have author Lee Bullen, author of the powerful and intense novel BESET. Please Lee, start us off by giving us your very best lie! (Of course, sprinkle it with some truth too if you don’t mind!)

- I once did a parachute jump dressed as a moustachioed 1970’s porn star.
- At 12 years of age, during a mad alcohol experimentation session with a school-friend, I spent two days in hospital with alcoholic poisoning.
- I think X-Factor is the best thing to happen to modern culture.

 Oh man, oh man…this is a toughy. I’ve got to put my awesome skills of reasoning and deduction to the test here.  Parachuting I can imagine, but a porn star…see, that’s just so wild I am not going to be able to throw it off the table just yet. I was twelve and I did some crazy stupid things so I’m going to believe number 2 also. The X-factor…drives me wicked crazy enough to thank my intense dislike for the television for existing. Why can’t they bring the Mole back? X-fact…you gotta be kidding me. That one HAS to be your lie. J Please…tell us about yourself.

Your favourites: Food:Indian, Thai, Sushi… anything Asian!
Place in the world: El Medano, Tenerife. Perth, Australia
Author:Douglas Adams
Color:Red for its depth and passion. Black for its practicality
Book turned movie: The Lord of the Rings
Musician: Paul Weller. 40 years on and still as great as ever.

Your greatest fear?  That we continue to choose technology over reality.

If you were on a deserted island what three items would you want with you?
My cherry-red Ibanez acoustic guitar.
The complete series of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ’.
And a copy of something pornographic…

Who do you respect the most and why?
Ghandi and John Lennon. Both achieved so much through love and peace. Both shot in the back for their troubles…

What time on the clock do you always notice most?
22:22 – Don’t ask me why!

If you could see anything what would it be?
The future!

If you could do anything without fear what would it be?

Ah…see, these are the kind of things you just don’t get to learn by reading your books!  Speaking of book...I don’t have to ask about your inspiration for this book since it was your life….but share a bit about it anyway.
‘BESET’ is a memoir of life during the global financial crisis. The inspiration was the events I was living through. I found myself going through a personal crisis, which was interlinked with the spiralling gloom of endless recession. Some things directly, and others indirectly, such as allowing depression to effect caring for my son’s autism. I was so low that I had to embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery to help me find some light in the opaque, which is the main storyline of the book.

Well, you’ve obviously gone through some crazy stuff but your experiences can be a great help to others…so thank you for having the strength to write about it. Did you have any specific rituals and methods for when you were writing your novel?
As ‘BESET’ is mostly based on true experiences, I wrote it in chronological order of that time period, mostly from notes and memory.I like to write in cafes – the busier the better – although I have no logical reason why! I find it very hard to write alone at home, and I suppose there’s something useful about being able to people-watch during moments when I’m stuck. Observing something can sometimes spark ideas. 

 I can completely agree with you there. I hate writing at home. Getting out definitely aids in the creativity.  So you are the character. Are you your favourite character?
Tom, Dick & Harry – who represent the complexities of my mind and thoughts while going through a personal crisis. They add a lot of humour to otherwise heavy subject matter. 

What has been the best and worst parts since becoming a published author?  Has the process changed you at all?
The whole marketing side of things is enormously dull and complicated, I find. But when someone buys, reads and likes a piece of work you’ve personally poured so much into, there’s nothing better. Writing a book and having your mind focused on such a big project, for a long period of time, can be restrictive to your social and love life, as well as inhibit your other interests and hobbies. It can be a little insular, which I find comforting, but you also miss out on so much. It’s about striking the right balance, which I’m still learning to do! 

I think you said it perfectly. Striking the right balance is elemental! How long did it take to write BESET?
About 9 months. Like giving birth to a new-born baby! And equally as painful I would imagine…

Well, it has been truly an honor having you on Bite My Book. I want to personally extend my gratitude for your patience (and you know what I mean) and thank you so much for visiting us. Before you head out…Let’s go for a spin in the

Rapid Answer Zone

What were the last three songs you listened to?
Cream – White Room.
Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind.
Kings of Leon - Fans

Who did you last call?
Domino’s Pizza. I was hungry.

What was the last movie you saw?
‘The Words’ – I loved it.

Best fictional character?
Bond… James Bond.

What is in your pocket right now?
Some hard drugs. A blood-stained knife. A whopping great wad of cash… wait… these aren’t my trousers…
LOL. You are such a good sport. A fascinating study I am sure! So, last but not least…what was your lie?
Well, that whopper about ‘X-Factor’ being culturally significant of course!

Brilliant! Thank you for not dampering my hopes and dreams in our friendship. I don’t know what I would have done if you’d said anything different. Hahaha Take care!

Viewers…PLEASE visit Lee at his various sites. Support him and check out his book. You won’t regret it!
Lee Bullen is a novelist and screenwriter who currently shares a Spanish writing retreat with his two children and an army of cacti. Although he openly admits preferring the company of his kids to any neighbouring succulents, he does, however, have a favourite palm tree.Having been battered and bruised by the indeterminable Global Financial Crisis (2008 till God-knows-when!), Lee finds it hard to write about anything else! His debut novel, 'BESET: A Desperate Search for Happiness in Times of Crisis' is available now!

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