Saturday, April 27, 2013

Failing to Fly: Music Spotlight

Video: Solitude by Failing to Fly

Post by JccKeith

This week's spotlight is on a Phoenix, Arizona band by the name of Failing to Fly or F2F.  How did I find this group?  Well, to be honest I was searching the web, particularly Facebook, for local bands to feature.  Local for me means Louisville, Kentucky.  As it happened, the Facebook page for Failing to Fly popped up on my laptop screen.  I clicked on their page and discovered that they were not a Louisville band but they were awesome!

I decided that I liked their music and I liked their page.  They seemed like just the sort of people I wanted to feature in this spotlight.  Music everywhere should be promoted and in the interest of sharing music from all over with people from all over - I contacted their manager, Debbie Wills for more information on this incredible group.

  • Where did the name Failing to Fly originate?

We are a band called Failing to Fly or F2F. We are not failures by any means.  Our name was created because for most of us we went to church but then the church turned their back on us when we started playing music that was hard rock. We were told we were going to hell and that they would not support us playing Satan's music.

The Flyz all live, eat and sleep music, seriously. All live within a few minutes of each other and practice and write music like most people bathe!

  • Who are the band members?


Vox: Jason Fischer
Bass: Matt Kohlmann
Drummer: Jeremy Wills
Rhythm: CJ
Lead Guitar: Joshua Macias
Promotions Manager: Tim O'Pry

  • What is your favorite song?  Why?

Our favorite song right now is Without a sound. We wrote that song with children and adults in mind that can not hear but can still feel the music. About relationships where generally people hear the words but don't listen or learn from their mistakes. About life in general where bullies get away with making lives miserable or feel less than they are. All that and nobody will stand up and say stop, listen and hear.

  • Tell us More... What's going on with the band right now?

We are coming off of a super high right now because we just this week got signed to a record label.

  • Who?

TMG Tate Music Group.

  • F2F was also kind enough to share the love and give props to some other area bands with great talent.  Hopefully we'll be fortunate enough to feature some of them on our music spotlight as well:

Some bands work hard for years and never get recognized and we are one of the lucky ones who did. Some good hard working yet professional and tight here in the Phoenix Valley that I would not be surprised to see get signed very soon are Echofuss, Sectas, Throw Logic, Within the throws, Spirit Level, Back from Ashes, Embers rise, Defy tolerance, Miles to Nowhere, Latency,Fatal Error, Bionic jive, Frequis, The Chimz, Sammus Theory and In memory of. 

There is so much talent here in Arizona that I can't even begin to name them all. Pelvic Meatloaf and Tommy Gobbons Project we love and hold much respect for the talent and drive that both musicians have not just in playing but Recording, crazy that they can hear a band and hone in on what they are about and record without compromising the integrity of that one particular band.

Lastly we are so fortunate to have good friends, fans and family that support us. Not only do they support us but local venues put all bands on stage with awesome sound men (at there own cost) and encourage us to keep grinding away at our music and get out on the road and tour. Big Fish Pub gave us our start and allowed us to keep coming back, Joe's Grotto, Octane Lounge, 910 Live, Club Red, Martini ranchand Marquis Theater and so many more.

Arizona is truly saturated with great music, loving fans, great venues and who would not want to be apart of that? Please get out there and do what you do!

Find out more about Failing to Fly: (Visit these sites and listen to their music to be blown away just as I was)


  1. How interesting. So many talented people striving to get popular enough to support themselves while living their dreams. It was great of you to spotlight them! :-)

    1. I am glad I found them. I think they are a very talented group and it was awesome of them to give a shout out to others. I think we'll see great things from Failing to Fly!

    2. We There are so many bands that really love what they do and sacrafice everyday to keep it up. We have nothing but support for them. Failing to Fly is just a drop in the bucket of talent.

      PS: did we say thank you for being a supporter of F2F, if not THANK YOU!

    3. We appreciate your words. Believe me when I say we are a drop in the bucket of talent for Arizona. many bands sacrafice just to continue to play what they love, we being one.
      Oh, did we say hope much we appreciate you supporting Failing to Fly because if not: THANK YOU very much, and ROCK IT HARD.

  2. Sweet! Living the dream, and thank you Roland for the kind words!

  3. I have seen the guys or Flyz perform here in Arizona and they are so amazing. You can see that they all enjoy what they do while they are rocking out on any stage that they are on. I love watching them perform and representing AZ

  4. I have seen these guys or as they are really called Flyz perform and they are amazing. The way they rock out on any stage that they are on just proves how much they really enjoy what they do. Some of the best guys (Flyz) around. I love Failing to Fly you guys rock.

    1. Lacey, what can I say to you we have not said so many times before. How much we appreciate you being there for us every show, how much you believe in what we do, how much you support all the Flyz and the great pics you get of them. Not enough! Lets face it, you are a Fly!

  5. I have seen Failing to Fly play many times around Arizona and I have to say they are just amazing. Not only are they great musicians but they are also wonderful people. They are 5 guys who are kind, friendly, and genuine. They care a lot about the music they create and the fans that support them. They are down to earth guys who not only work very hard to succeed, they also wish success for and support other local bands. That is a hard to come by trait in the music scene. I have seen them get involved in everything from collecting towels for veterans to playing an acoustic set for a fan in the hospital. I just can't say enough about them as people. Beyond that though their music is unforgettable and addictive. Listen once and I guarantee you will be a fan.

    1. Wow, Jenny you told on us! I forget sometimes how we do impact our fans. I would write more about you but I am tearing up right now. HEART FROM ALL THE FLYZ!