Thursday, April 18, 2013

What They said: Creativity

Henri Matisse

By: William G. Muir
I have to disagree with Henri Matisse. It takes no courage for me to be creative. For me, creativity is something that comes freely. There are very few moments in my day that my mind is not being creative. The wheels in my head are constantly moving. I am always devising different scenarios, thinking of what if questions and replaying old events trying to see if there is something that can be taken away from them.

I find no need to be courageous when I am being creative. When it comes to sharing, that is when I need to be brave. For it takes all the inner strength I possess to allow other to see my work. I hold a tighter grip on my creations than a scared child clinging to his teddy bear.

Why do I hold my creation so close to my breast? Why is it so hard for me to even let anyone have the slightest peak at what I have done? Simple, I am afraid! I am afraid that no one will care for what itis I have to say. That no one will even be interested enough to take a look. I am afraid that I will forever be unknown.

So I can here you saying, but you are blogging, you are showing your work to the world.Yes, and this is extremely difficult for me to do. I had to put off writing this post for several hours now; and as I am typing it up I keep taking breaks. I wouldn't be surprised if by the time I am finished with this post it will have been twelve hours from when I first chose this quote.

No matter when I post this, I am still going feel like nobody is going to read it. Sure it might get a high view count but that doesn't mean anyone read it. And even if they did read it none of those people are going like it enough to share it with others. I get a feeling my writing is so dull that I can't even get people to leave nasty comments.

It is said there such no thing as bad publicity. Well I am at the point were I am thinking there is no such thing as a bad comment. I want so bad for people to give me feedback, that I would gladly take someone trashing my work. At least then I would know that my work has evoke some kind of reaction. That it moved somebody enough to do something.

Someone please troll me. I beg you.

I know what I am doing here is never going to draw a big audience. But what I would like is for someone , somewhere takes a few seconds out of there day to let me know that they read what I had to say.

I would even settle for the "first" comment.

I am getting tired of the sound of crickets.  



  1. I feel as though I am under tremendous scrutiny here to say something profound or funny. I enjoy reading your Doctor Who posts and found this one although not about the Doctor to be just as well written