Friday, April 19, 2013

Casting An Eye At The Pods: Walking The Room

It is Friday, that must mean WillseyeReview will be looking at another podcast. So let us delve into the digital world of broadcasting and see what we come up with.

Last week I focused all my energy towards a guy I couldn't stand. This week I have decided that I will look at podcast with two guys that I do enjoy. So with no further ado, Walking The Room.

Warning: If you are going to check out this podcast I do not recommend you do so at work or listen to it around people that are easily offended. Dave and Greg would recommend you do not checkout this podcast at all. According to them it is just sad.

First off I need to point out that Walking The Room is not your average podcast. No it is a podcuddle. What is a podcuddle you might ask, well I will tell you. Or better yet let me just let tell you what the Walking The Room glossary has to say:


(aka Cuddle or Hot Cup O’Cuddle [ep #46], Shitty & Sad [ep #54] 1. WTR’s term for the podcast.  [ep #6]
2. The listeners are involved in the podcuddle [ep #8] – the embrace is Dave holding Greg because he’s scared, and Greg holding the listeners because he cares.  [ep #15]
3. When two bros get together and they talk/don’t talk about the weather, it’s a cuddle. Grab all your kitties, grab some pups, let’s get together, talk about grip em ups.  [ep #61]
4. Jonah describes it as a back of the room conversation.  [ep #62] 5. One gigantic HR violation barely safe for use in the home.  [ep #68] 6. Standing in shit, but looking up. That’s optimism. And that’s Walking the Room.  [ep #69] 7. These are first-time stories that will never be repeated for obvious reasons, and they’re never gonna get better.  [ep #72]
Walking The Room is a comedy podcast, but unlike the large majority of comedy podcast it is not an interview show. Which is something I am quite grateful for. I have listened to a large number of these comedy podcast over the past several years; and I have to say I usually have to stop listening to them after a while. This all because of the interview format that they do. First off these podcast are not done by the big names in the comedy world. You are not going to find Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock or Louis C.K. putting out a podcast on a weekly basis. No they have careers that demand a lot of there time. No these podcast out are put out by the b-level of comedians. The one's who's careers are in need of a jump start.

Podcast allow for these comedians a cheap and easy way to build a fan base and to do self -promotion.  

Like I was saying the reason I usually give up on most comedy podcast is because of the interviews. What I want is to listen the person who name is on the show. I turned into hear them, not some comic I have never heard of before. And that is usually who the guest of these shows are. They are usually friends (but not always) of the show's host, who just hasn't found a great deal of success. These are the c-level and lower comedians. 

Why is it that funny comedians have so many unfunny friends?

Also you are a comedian, you are suppose to be a creative person. So instead of doing something original to get yourself noticed (which was suppose to be the whole point of the podcast in the first place), you go about doing the same as everybody else. If you cannot come up with something interesting to say every week then you might want to rethink your career path. Heck I would settle for you just talking about how your week went.

And basically that is what Walking The Room is. Sure from time to time they have fellow comedians in as guest, but they do not interview them. It just more voices added to the conversation that is already taken place.

Oh, wait a minute, I almost forgot to tell you who the host of the show are. The brainchild behind the shows creation was David Anthony, he wanted to put together a comedy podcast, one that wasn't dependent on him interviewing other comedians for thirty to sixty minutes each week. So he asked his long time friend Greg Behrendt if he would be interested in helping him out. This wasn't the first time that the two worked together, previously the duo had worked on an Internet radio show as well as the short lived television show The Greg Behrendt Show.

It is probably safe to say that Greg is the most famous of the two. He co-authored a bestselling self-improvement book called He's Not That Into You. Besides the book and the two show he did with Dave, Greg also was a writer on the hit television show Sex And The City and plays guitarist in a surf punk band called The Reigning Monarchs. Dave on the other hand has had several roles in television (the Office), films (Recount) and commercials. He also worked as a contributor to SuicideGirls and Comedy Film Nerds website. Dave is currently a writer on Talking Dead, the after show to The Walking Dead

Fans of the show are know as cuddlahs. This a take on the fans of the Insane Clown Posse who are known as juggalos. Unlike juggalos, who paint their faces to look like demented clowns, cuddlahs only go clown from the neck down. According to Greg and Dave you have to be a broken person to be their fans. This is because they deem the show to be of very low quality and standards that only those people who have nowhere else to go end up there. Often times they have commented on how things are not going to end well for them or the cuddlahs.

I think I have done a very good job of scratching the surface of the show. Dave and Greg having been doing there little podcast for several years now, so the best I can hope for is scratching the surface. If you are interesting in learning more about the show, and finding out what a hobotang is or why they refer to one Dave's neighbors as cricket go to

That is if you are not easily offended.

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