Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book Review: Foresight


by EJ McBride

This was another free book I was blessed with. (Thank you Amazon.) It was a fast read. Clara is the protagonist in the story and she’s gifted with the ability to read minds. She has led a very difficult life. She left home soon after her brother died and began a life on the streets. With her gifts she swindled enough money to get buy. Her friend Mckenzie, if you can call him that and Clara are out scouting for some easy prey when Clara makes a bad choice and lands in the hands of a dangerous man.

One bad choice leads to a good number more and Clara finds herself with a decision that will forever alter her life. Having made her decision she is thrust into a new world; one in which there is no turning back. And just when she grows somewhat comfortable in her new environment she is given a ‘job’ in which she is to prove herself or lose everything.

The great thing about this book is if it can go wrong…it does. McBride does well keeping the reader on their toes and turning the pages. The novel isn’t extremely well-built in regards to character development but McBride has written a plot-focused story and the storyline moves efficiently and leaves little to complain about.

I’ll admit there were some places I was scratching my head and wondering if it was believable. Ok…people this is fiction. Don’t base it on whether it can be believable. Just go with the story. It will help make the reading go better. No, I doubt a lot of this could happen in real life. Sydney in ALIAS….that couldn’t really happen in the real world either. Well, there may be some conspiracy theorists out there who would take it all literal.

Anyway, this story for the most part was a fun read. I free read which was even nicer. This is book one in the trilogy so I wouldn’t have any problem spending a few dollars on the next two books to see what happens. Just remember, this is plot driven, not character drive. Look at the activities of the novel and be more lenient with the less than expected substance of the average character driven novels.

My verdict: 7.5

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