Sunday, April 7, 2013

Book Cover & Blurb: Redemption

 by: Victoria Steele Logue
Stalking the fog-shrouded hills of San Francisco is the silent hunter, Wolfdietrich Nachttier. Driven by his blood lust, he roams the city searching for his next victim. A reluctant vampire, Wolf, is jolted out of a centuries-long ennui when he sees Ginny Hunter, a woman who reminds him of his long lost love.

Trapped as a creature of the night for more than four centuries, Wolf rediscovers the humanity he had forgotten and a desire he thought impossible. But, there is one obstacle blocking the way. The vampire who created him, Vlad Drakulya, still walks the earth as one of the undead. Even though killing Vlad will destroy Wolf, Ginny joins him in the search for his maker. She understands that the man she loves needs to remove the dark stain on his own soul no matter the cost.

Redemption tells the entwined stories of the notorious Vlad III and the vampire he created. The book sweeps through centuries of history and from California to Berlin, Rome, Turkey and the Carpathian Mountains of Romania in tracing the journey of evil back to its source. Wolf has found love, but can a vampire find redemption?

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