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BESET: A Desperate Search for Happiness in Times of Crisis


By Lee Bullen

"The only thing displaying any kind of momentum in my life was the economic recession and its devastating influence on mine and others' lives..." After a turbulent life-altering period, Lee Bullen embarks on a personal journey to find a semblance of happiness and rediscover a love for life, but finds his every goal hampered by the brutal effects of the Great Recession. Besieged with universal wallops and cosmic coshes, Lee tries to come to terms with his autistic son's worsening condition while finding himself knee-deep in divorce, unemployment and financial disaster. He's a man in personal crisis, struggling on an island in economic crisis, during the Global Financial Crisis - not an enviable position! However, despite the multitude of omnipotent foes, he discovers that he himself may in fact be his own worst enemy... 'BESET' - A humorous, touching and bittersweet account of one man and his state of mind during the early 2010's.


He was three, but could easily pass for a child of four or five. His gorgeous face and long solid frame instantly struck people, but now his bulk was turning people's initial appreciative looks into unease, as he grew from a forgivably slow, cutesy infant into a young lad possessing clear signs that all's not right. Of course, I'd seen it all before, and many times, but reading it in bold on other's faces only compounded the fact. Looking at him now, my big boy on his third birthday, without a single sign of development since he was eighteen months old, it was heartbreakingly clear. As if it was something I was hearing all this time, but not listening to. Professionals had told me. Maria had told me. Only I hadn't truthfully told myself: My son has autism... for life.
It's a strange thing, realisation. I'd had the sympathetic conversations with friends, I'd read up on the subject, I was even beginning to openly use it as a form of apology after embarrassing incidents, yet somehow it always seemed like a passing phase I'd have to suffer for a while, such as colic or the terrible twos. Danny's diagnosis came to me like a download bar that instantly leaps to 75% completion before trudging along until finally registering. The message had now been successfully received. This - whatever this was - would be forever. Damn! That's some hard living...

About the Author

Lee Bullen is a novelist and screenwriter who currently shares a Spanish writing retreat with his two children and an army of cacti. Although he openly admits preferring the company of his kids to any neighbouring succulents, he does, however, have a favourite palm tree.
Having been battered and bruised by the indeterminable Global Financial Crisis (2008 till God-knows-when!), Lee finds it hard to write about anything else! His debut novel, 'BESET: A Desperate Search for Happiness in Times of Crisis' is available now!

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