Thursday, April 18, 2013

Author R Lynn Archie: Trial of Marriage

Book 1 of Series (Interracial Romance)
Meet Trey Moretti. He has it all: the dream job, a loving wife, and finally a baby on the way.
So the last thing he expects to happen is for his past to sneak up on him.
Gradually everything he has all begins to unravel.
Trey will fight to keep his family intact. But when that last big skeleton finally comes out of the closet will he be able to salvage the pieces of his life? Or will it mean the end of his marriage to Angelic.

Guest Post:

My Perspective of Self Publishing

Self publishing is no doubt an entrepreneur business. A business you will find yourself devoting a lot of time and effort, and essentially receiving little or no pay in the beginning.

What I’ve learned is it takes time for an author to become established and build up followers, and when you do, it’s the best feeling in the world because it’s acknowledging that you’re doing something right. When it comes to my writing, I try to produce the best quality of work that I can because that’s the distinguishing factor of whether you succeed or fail. In the four months that I have been doing this, I’ve been able to publish two eBooks. The progress I’ve made has been slow and steady, yet gratifying as it continues to rise. In no way am I selling in abundance; however, it’s a steady stream and a far cry from starting out at zero.

Writing is what I love, and because of that I put a great deal of determination and energy into seeing my dream flourish. Self publishing may be the easy part, but advertising and marketing require more time and effort, and yes it can be overwhelming. But, don’t let it discourage you because anything worthwhile requires dedication in order to succeed.

Also, most authors do have day jobs as I do, and only write part time. You may never sell thousands and become a millionaire, and in any case that’s being unrealistic. Instead, you should strive to achieve the most that you can while keeping your goals practical. There may be times you sell, and other times you sell nothing, nevertheless, don’t give in to defeat. My advice to self published authors starting out would be:

Ø  Set goals

Ø  Commitment is essential

Ø  Join focus groups in your niche

Ø  If you put in the time, you will see result

Success is what you make it, and as long as you’re achieving the goals that you set for yourself, then there’s no greater incentive. 

R. Lynn Archie
Romance Author


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