Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Cover Extravaganza: A Touch of Evil

A Touch of Evil
Nine short stories all exploring the idea of 'What if...', where everyday people living everyday lives experience the unbelievable because of one tiny change in their daily routine.

eg: What happens when you fall asleep on a train? or What if you took that shortcut you know nothing about? Or what if you found out that who you thought you were for your whole life is not who you were born to be?

A Touch of Evil, nine stories linked by the lovely Imogen Assien (say it quick, say it fast) who moves through the stories, linking them at times with a coin, The Coin, one side perfectly ordinary, the other the image of a long dead king tortured and scarred. All things can change at the toss of a coin, whether you call it or not.
About the Author
Barry Simiana lives = for now - on the North Coast of NSW Australia with his wife and four children.

Barry's first serious publication was 2007 in the anthology "NEXT STOP HOLLYWOOD: Short Stories Bound for the Screen" published by St Martins Griffin. It was selected - along with fourteen others - from over 600 submissions, judged by a panel of Hollywood insiders and readers from all over the world, judged and chosen as likely film material.

Next publication was the long awaited "A TOUCH of EVIL" in 2011, published by Nitewriter Media. Nine short stories and novellas, all exploring answers to the eternal question 'What if ...?' The long road to developing a television show based on these stories and others has been undertaken.
Coming soon is the first in a series exploring the legends of other lands that have never really taken root in Australia. "TRANSPORTED LEGENDS" will begin with Halloween, followed by the Big Three. Vampires, Werewolves and the Mummy. A special standalone edition of "GONE TO MUM'S" is underway, as well as a second collection, "ANOTHER TOUCH of EVIL" as well as many other projects in various stages of development.

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