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April Cover Extravaganza: Judged by the Cover

Judged by the Cover
by:Karen Einsel

Terri  has been successfully designing covers for the past six years with no complaints, none that is, until she is contracted by a publisher to design the new cover for Craig Burrow’s next novel, “Judged By You“ .  From what Terri has heard, Craig Burrows, not only writes mystery novels, he is  a mystery. No one has seen any photos of him and there is no bio to be found.   Who is Craig Burrows? And what is the reason no one knows anything about him? After three attempts at designing a perfect cover and fed up with getting three rejections via email from him, Terri, designs a bogus cover. Will the bogus cover bring this man of mystery out of hiding?  And if it does, who will be judging who?


The intercom buzzes and Terri pushes the button. “What’s up?”

   “Terri, your appointment is here.”

    “Okay, send him in.”

Terri, finishes her email and proceeds to open her graphics program when a man walks in. She glances up and smiles. “Please have a seat and I’ll be right with you.”

 Turning her attention back to her computer the man walks over and slaps a photograph on her desk.

   “What the hell is this?”

Startled, Terri, gapes at him. “Mr. Jones?”

   “No. I’m not, Mr. Jones. I, am, Craig Burrows, and I want to know what this is? Is this your idea of a joke? Do you think this is funny? My book is due out in two weeks and you send me this? What the hell’s wrong with you?”

   “Excuse me? What gives you the right to barge in here?”

He taps the photo. “Sending me a cover that looks like this, gives me the right. What are you, a beginner?”

   “What…Look, I have been designing covers for six years.” She waves her hand towards the wall behind her. “I’ve won awards for my designs. I’ve never had…Oh never mind.”

   “So what is your problem with designing my cover?”

   “My problem? You’re my problem.” Terri, pulls out his file and one by one she lays out the covers she has designed for him. She taps on the first one. “What was wrong with this one?” She points to the next one. “Or this one? And I cannot believe you rejected this one. What is wrong with any of them?”

About The Author
Karen was born and raised in Southern California and has never lived more than four miles from the first house she lived in as a baby. If she were to describe herself in one sentence, she would tell you that she is a kind, caring, and compassionate, go-getter, who tends to procrastinate.

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