Monday, April 29, 2013

A-Z Challenge: Y is for Youth

By JccKeith

Youth is that wonderful time period before adulthood. I say adulthood and I mean, not necessarily when you turned 18 or whatever age your country/religion considers you to be an adult, but when you officially became an adult.  There is a time period in everyone’s life when they stop, look around and realize they are no longer in their youth.  It is different for each person.

What we consider as adulthood is usually the time period when we can both legally and emotionally take responsibility for our actions.  For some it began when they had children if that was at a young age.  For others it began when they got their first ‘real job.’  For still others it began when they moved out of their parent’s home or graduated high school or college.  Whenever it was, we knew it. 

In my youth I whiled away the hours daydreaming about faraway lands and the excitement and adventure that lay within them.  I wanted to travel the world.  I wanted to be free of the trappings of the small town area I grew up in.  I also wanted to be a doctor.  I wanted to travel to third world countries with the Peace Corps, Mercy Flights or Doctors without Borders or some similar organization and heal the sick.  I wanted to help the poor and suffering.  I, like so many dreamers in their youth, wanted to make a difference in the world.

As an adult, my dreams changed.  I ended up a million miles away from faraway lands and dangerous adventures.  I am not a doctor. I was a biochemist for many years but not any longer.  I decided to pursue another of the dreams of my youth – becoming a published author.  I am now a writer.  I spend my time writing to amuse others, to entertain them or make them think.  Writing is an adventure all on its own. 

As for location, I ended up right back in the same small town area I grew up in with a husband, three kids, a dog, a cat, three rats and a couple of chameleons.  I am happy.  I met the man of my dreams and realized that I did not want to spend the rest of my life traveling around to other countries – I wanted to be here raising a family with him.  I realized that making a difference can be done right here in my own house, in my own town, with regular people right here on a daily basis.

How about all of you out there?  What were your dreams in your youth?  How did they turn out?  Did you fulfill your dreams or alter them as new information arrived in your life?


  1. I feel like our stories are very similar. In my youth I got to travel, I spent my time thinking about me and what I wanted. Then I had kids. I think adulthood hits when you discover how to be selfless. I too landed back in the small town I was born in and have two wonderful kids, a cat, and a dream to be a writer. :)

    Great post. :) Good luck with z.

    1. You're right, adulthood does begin when you start to realize how to be selfless. I hadn't thought of it like that but yeah, that's it exactly.