Thursday, April 25, 2013

A-Z Challenge: V is for Vicious

By JccKeith

Vicious is defined by several sources as being addicted to or characterized by vice or immorality.  Why is this definition important?  Well it’s not.  What is important is how you spell the word.  I personally seem to be unable to ever spell this word correctly in my writing.  I always end up looking it up because auto correct always tries to make it viscous.  Viscous means thick in consistency, glutinous in nature.  It is nowhere near vicious in meaning.

How many times have I been type, type, typing away only to stumble up because of a single word.  I am well into the throes of a caffeine fueled run of words and ideas only to be tripped up unexpectedly by a fairly common word.  It is distracting.  It usually manages to throw me off enough to disrupt my chain of thought.  I have to stop, pull up the internet – or, and I know this is unheard of these days, grab the nearby dictionary to look up the correct spelling of certain words.  Granted it only takes a minute, maybe two to find the correct spelling but that is all it takes to derail my thought train.

So I know you are all reading this, mouths watering, waiting to find out what other words knock me off the tracks towards finishing my brilliant work of literature.  There are a few.  My pet peeves of spelling.  I could say the usual suspects like receive, restaurant, continuous, conscientious or any other words with odd vowel combinations but I won’t.  I ignore these words because even if I misspell them, autocorrect usually picks it up and corrects it for me.  This no doubt continues my misspelling of them as I never have to truly get it right since I know autocorrect will pick up the slack.

Some of my least favorite words to spell because they are time wasters:

  • Guage (always forget that u)

  • Hierarchical

  • Judgment (I always want to put that e after the g)

  • Liaison (that second I just throws me off)

  • Lightning (again with wanting to add the e in there)

  • License (always switch the c and s around)

  • Millennium (it’s always with the missing second l or n)

Those are just a few.  Now one would think a fan of Star Wars such as myself would be able to spell
Millennium Falcon
Millennium with no problems.  Why you ask?  For those who have not heard of the blockbuster movie or the ship in the movie – it’s the Millennium Falcon.  It’s Han Solo’s ship.  He won it from Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc.  Now you know.

For the rest of you, just to write that little tid bit about the Millennium Falcon and the word millennium, I had to stop to look up how to spell it.  Very annoying.  These words are just wrenches in my plans to become the next great author. 

What about you?  What words trip you up on your quest to write great literature?  What are your least favorite words?


  1. I feel so much better now! lol. Every word you wrote above has tripped me up a time or two.

    I'd have to add conscience and conscious --and I just relied on spell-check to get them right. ;-)

    1. Yes those two words always trip me up too!