Thursday, April 18, 2013

A-Z Challenge: P is for Personality

By JccKeith

Personality is defined by Wikipedia as the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal and behavioral response patterns of an individual.  I simplify the definition by saying personality is just what makes you different from everyone else.  Personality is your personal style that is based on your experiences and your character.

Everyone has a personality.  Some people just keep their personalities hidden while others shine like brilliant stars for all to see.  The problem is if you’re a writer, you have to be willing to put your personality out there.  It has to shine through in your work.  Your writing should always have a bit of you included.  Even facts, statistics and other things that are definite can be told in a way that is unique to you.

If you don’t allow your personality to be expressed in your writing, it ceases to be yours.  Without your added personality, your writing is just words on paper without any real spark to light them up to the reader. 

Part of writing, of being a writer, is the desire to share what we write with the world.  To share with the world, you have to actually have people read your work.  People won’t read your work if they don’t know it exists.  So how do you get people to know your work exists?  Personality.

In today’s technologically superior world, finding writers and written words is not difficult.  You can’t even sign onto the internet without being confronted with dozens and dozens of articles, news and otherwise. The goal then, as a writer, is not just to be a great writer.  Anyone can do that.  The goal is to draw readers to your work.  You do that by being you, by introducing the reader to who you are, to what makes you, you.  This will spark their desire to learn more, to read your work.

I have read many, many intelligently and well written blogs. I liked the articles but I never returned to read more.  Sometimes the writing is correct and proper but there is a lack of interest on my part.  The reason I return to some sites, what keeps me interested in a blog or a website are the writers themselves.  It is their personality being expressed in their writing which attracts me to want to read more.  I am also more likely to find a blog or website by being interested enough in the comments someone made on a post to seek out their work.  I see funny, witty comments on other people’s work and I click on the writer’s name to see if they have their own blog.

So I say again, personality is a crucial factor to success as a writer.  It is required to bring people to your work.  Once they are there, your personality is what keeps them there and brings them back time and time again.  Take a lesson from this: Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your writing.  That style that belongs to you and you alone is what may make the difference between being popular or being obscure and never read.

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