Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A to Z Challenge: C is for Cookies

I was raised on The Letter People, Mr Slim Goodbody, and Sesame Street. Anybody who knows Sesame Street knows that C is for Cookie. Let's talk about cookies!

The first cookie was created by accident believe it or not. Somebody wanted to test their oven temperature and they used a small amount of cake batter in their dutch oven and voila! A cookie happened.  Of course, they weren’t called cookies back then, but ‘little cakes’.  Today over 2 billion cookies are consumed every year.

There are different classifications of the cookie. Drop cookies, refrigerated cookies, bars, rolled cookies, molded cookies, and pressed cookies.  Nearly everyone has heard of the Toll House Cookie,  the chocolate chip cookie, and of course where would we be without the Girl Scout cookie.  But there are tons more. Chips Ahoy, Pepperidge Farm, Nilla, Keebler, Oreo, and Mrs. Fields are all some more. We’ve not even hit the tip of the iceburg yet but this post won’t list every single cookie. LOL I have my own favorites. Subway’s Oatmeal Raisin cookie and their white chocolate macadamia nut cookies are scrumptious.  Unfortunately I have to turn my head away and politely decline those as I’m currently trying to lose weight. There is one cookie however that most people, no matter what, will not turn away from: the fortune cookie. These cookies have been circulating since the early 19th centery (at least!) though before World War. 

They were called fortune tea cakes.  They were NOT invented in China. They were imported into Hong Kong and were so ‘American’ they weren’t accepted as serious business idea in China because they were considered ‘genuine American cookies’.  It is estimated that 3 to 3.5 billion fortune cookies are made EVERY year and they are mostly consumed here in the US.  That is a whole lot of fortunes being made. I’ve read some pretty stupid ones personally but also some very wise ones and some very funny ones.
You can actually go to the store and buy your own fortune cookies instead of opting for the oh so unhealthy Chinese restaurant around the corner. LOL  There is a very unique delight in sitting around a table with your friends and opening up your fortune cookies and sharing them with each other.
I personally think its a nice low calorie snack (only 30 calories) Compared to my favorite oatmeal raisin cookie at Subway (200 calories) one is most definitely better tasting than the other but for a nice healthy laugh with the friends...the fortune cookie is the better choice.
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Random Cookie Quiz:

What is the most popular girl scout cookie sold each year?
What cookie began as an edible Christmas ornament?
Who is Betty Crocker?
Which Girl Scout Cookies are cholestol free?
Scroll down for answers!

Thin Mints
Animal Crackers
She is no one. Betty Crocker never existed.
All of them!



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  1. I am loving this A to Z Challenge! I get to read so many cool topics. And I love cookies, so this was a major win. <3