Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A to Z Challenge: O is for Obscurity

by Michala Tyann

“Dear Writing Gods, Please, if it would please you, bless me with a large fan base. Increase my twitter followers.  Strengthen my writer’s platform. Put forth upon my writer’s path the perfect agent and allow them to sell the shit out of my work. Oh writing Gods, lead me to the top ten on the Amazon list today and forever more. If it pleases you, allow me to visit the New York Best Sellers List as well. Oh Writing Gods, place within me the mind of Rowling, King, Goodlove, Dodd, Meyers, Roberts and any other famous writers you see fit for me. Oh writing Gods, let me live not in obscurity but grace me with the amazing strength and resolve to write and write and write and write and write and write some more into the halls of stardom; into the temples of fame. Oh, and oh Writing Gods, please remove any sickness and suffering within me…such as writer’s block, dried up ideas, washed up storylines, and boring dull lifeless characters. Amen.”
Other words: Anonymity, Insignificant, Unimportant, Inconspicuous, Oblivion

These are all words no writer wants to be associated with!

What keeps us in obscurity? FEAR
Fear of sharing our work with others.

Fear of failure.

Fear of being compared.

Fear of not being compared.

Fear of being an epic embarrassment.

Fear of being exploited.

Fear of success.

Fear of never being able to do it again.

Fear of…fill in the blank.

The list can go on and on.

So here are a few things I think all writers should do to prevent obscurity from taking over their entire life. Let’s start with two things. Just two. If you can do this…you will have a very good head start into the world of prominence

1.       Write to serve people. Not to impress them. You are not going to impress every single person out there. Hell, you won’t even impress 50% of them. Sorry. But you CAN serve them by writing quality stories that entertain.

2.       Identify and understand your story completely. Don’t try to communicate with your readers by writing a half-assed novel in which you didn’t feel it was worth the trouble to understand and really get up close and uncomfortable with your characters and storyline. You should know what color their shit it today, how much they pick their nose, and whether they have cancer (and know it or not). Know everything. Understand it all. And THEN write it.

There, now wasn't that nice.  Now go. Go forth and Write!

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