Saturday, April 13, 2013

A to Z Challenge: L is for Luck


Merriam-Webster defines luck as

-a force that brings good fortune or adversity
-the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual
-favoring chance 

These definitions lead the reader to believe luck comes from external forces. But do you really believe that luck is outside of your ability to move obstacles, pave new paths, or create good stuff for you personally, professionally, or even realistically at all?

I remember watching that movie Serendipity and I was like…WHAT? A boy and a girl who really likes each other decides to separate and leave it to ‘luck’  as to whether they finally end up together? Give me a break. Who the hell is going to pass up on a relationship they really like just to make sure it is ‘meant to be’ in the end.

Isn’t that selfishness, greed, and lust/desire? Isn’t holding out for something ‘better’ just another excuse?  Why not just go with the opportunities that are thrown in your direction? Take it and fly. Do you really expect to be happy if you constantly ‘wait’ for something better to happen.

I’ll admit things do come by at times in the most surprising manners however if you were to pass that up, I am willing to bet the bank something else is going to come along. Maybe not in that same field. Maybe not leading down the same path. It might establish a firm foundation in another country with another book looking out a different window and smelling different scent in the air. But something will come along. It’s just how far you will take what you are given and how long you decide to refuse accepting what is given to you.

So basically I’m saying that if you look for it, luck is there waiting for you. See ‘luck’ wherever you go. Open yourself up to receiving ‘luck’.  By all means, stray off the beaten path because if you don’t you may not see the hidden opportunities…or if you’d rather call it ‘luck’. Allow failure to happen and don’t be so down about it. Instead, look for the educational value behind that failure and you just might be ‘lucky’ enough to find new opportunities.

What about those who seem to be born with the golden spoon-everything lands in their laps without a single rise of a finger? Consider their charactersics, their personality, what traits they hold. Sometimes a temperament, one that is open and receiving, is linked to ‘luck’.

Do you think luck exists? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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