Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A to Z Challenge: I is for Ice

Do you have it on your phone? I do.

‘In Case of Emergency’. 

You know…if something were to happen and you were among strangers, how would they know who to call. My ICE is home…of course, now that I think about it nobody ever answers the phone there…unless its me. Sigh…I should probably update that when I’m done writing this.


Do you have someone you can call in case of CREATIVE emergency? As a writer I must strongly recommend you find that ICE person for all your creative chaos.

I have three. I’m very very fortunate, very blessed, and can’t believe I am so fortunate. And they listen to me; I mean, really listen to me. And we talk characters, plots, story lines, and tell each other the truth. “I’m sorry, you need to rewrite the last 40K words of your story.” “That was the most stupid analogy.” “You have to energize your character…or kill them.”

Only with ICE people can you say the real things that need to be said. But only these people are going to help you write the best story you can. Only these people really understand how hard it is to kill off that character or scratch an entire story. They understand and cry and laugh and together, they see ideas born and novels created.

Who is your ICE person?

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