Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Extravaganza: Blood Pool

Blood Pool
by J.E.Ryder

A deadly pursuit. A young widow and an Afghanistan war veteran race to find a missing friend.
When Sam Shelley's husband dies she becomes the surprise owner of his boat yard and estates on the East Devon Coast. Men from the Shelley blood pool have inherited the land for two hundred years. Locals want it to stay that way. They're threatening to trace the rightful heir.
Sam isn’t listening. There's a dead man on her beach. Then an old friend, an eccentric inventor, disappears in violent circumstances. Sam will do anything for him. He's been like a father to her while she grieved. The race is on to find him. The police want him for murder. Criminals want him and his latest invention, worth millions on the global market, for themselves.

Sam is determined to reach her friend first and sets out in pursuit. She's joined by an unexpected ally, Mik Portillus, an Afghanistan war veteran living on a yacht in her harbor.

She soon discovers that no one is what they seem, especially those nearest to her. Now she's squeezed between murderous factions outside the boat yard and deadly rivalries within. It's no longer just a question of finding her friend. It's a question of survival.

Guest Post
First of all, a big thank you to BITE MY BOOK for giving me the opportunity to meet you all on the Bite My Book Promotion Tour.
I write plot-based suspense thrillers with strong characters. My debut novel Blood Pool is available from Amazon in Kindle format (paperback version coming soon). My stories aren’t all action, thrills and spills, I like to think there’s something in them for everyone, drama, tragedy and romance too.
Why do I write in the thriller genre? The reasons go way back to childhood. At ten years old I discovered that my elder brother's reading choices were completely different from mine, and much more exciting. I loved his fabulous Marvel Comics with their superheroes and heroines, the espionage novels, gritty adventure stories and survival epics.
Most little girls I knew wanted to be ballerinas, or own a pony, or wear pretty dresses and go to parties. My dreams were very different. I wanted to be a racing driver, or an explorer, or yes, even a daring spy. I longed to travel the world. I wanted danger, adventure and excitement. Of course, real life crushed those hopes. I had to earn a living, and later came marriage. I may have matured, but the childhood longings stay the same. At least I can live out my craving for adventure through my writing, though I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m not as brave as my characters. I’m very thankful that I’ve never been tested in the way that I test them.
Currently, I’m working on my next novel, a sweeping thriller that spans the European continent, a story of tragedy, vengeance and love. I’m as excited by this book as I was by Blood Pool.

J.E. Ryder’s Amazon Page: http://viewAuthor.at/JERyder
J.E. Ryder’s Blog: http://jeryder.blogspot.co.uk
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Amazon Link to buy Blood Pool http://viewBook.at/B00AR0XFX2

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  1. If you like mystery, J. E. Ryder serves up a delicious dish of suspense in "Blood Pool" where no one is who they seem. Once you start reading this book, you won't want to put it down.

    Jeffrey Poston, "American Terrorist"