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Who's On Top: Graphic Novels 3/11-17/13


By: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

SLEEPER is the critically acclaimed graphic novel series written Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Sean Philips, the Eisner Award-winning creative team of Criminal, which tells the story of agent Holden Carver, a reluctant double agent without hope of rescue.
Tao--the criminal mastermind whose organization Carver has infultraited--had Carver's only lifeline, spymaster John Lynch shot, leaving him in a coma. Tao's cut off every means of escape, and he's persuaded Carver to join him...for real this time.

By: Ryan North and Shelli Paroline

The all-ages smash hit of the year is back with more algebraic adventures in the Land of Ooo!The all-ages hit of the year is back with a new volume collecting even more algebraic adventures! What happens when Finn the human and Jake the dog get a hold of Princess Bubblegum’s time machine and travel to go to the future? Find out in this second volume!

Collecting issues 5-9 of the smash hit ADVENTURE TIME comics series by Ryan North!

By: Akihisa Ikeda

Love bites!Average human teenager Tsukune accidentally enrolls at a boarding school for monsters--no, not jocks and popular kids, but bona fide werewolves, witches and unnameables out of his wildest nightmares! On the plus side, all the girls have a monster crush on him. On the negative side, all the boys are so jealous they want to kill him! And so do the girls he spurns, because he only has eyes for one of them--the far-from-average vampire Moka. On the plus side, Moka only has glowing red eyes for Tsukune. On the O-negative side, she also has a burning, unquenchable thirst for his blood...

Rescue Mission

When your would-be rescuers are themselves in need of rescuing, draw on...

a. their unconscious faces

b. a trust fund

c. your inner strength

Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for teen plus audiences.

Top 5 Graphic Novels
1. THE SLEEPER OMNIBUS - By: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
2. BATMAN: NIGHT OF THE OWLS - By: Scott Snyder and others
3. THE WALKING DEAD, BOOK 1- By:Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard
4. KICK-ASS 2 PRELUDE: HIT-GIRL - By: Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. 
5. THE WALKING DEAD, BOOK 2 - By: Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

 1.THE WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUM, VOL. 1 - By: Robert Kirkman and others
2. THE WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUM, VOL. 2 - By: Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard
3. DRAMA - By: Raina Telgemeier
4. ADVENTURE TIME, VOL. 2 - By: Ryan North and Shelli Paroline
5. SAGA, VOL. 1 - By: Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

1. ROSARIO+VAMPIRE SEASON II, VOL. 11 - By: Akihisa Ikeda
2. ONE PIECE, VOL. 66 - By: Eiichiro Oda
3. VAMPIRE KNIGHT, VOL. 16 - By: Matsuri Hino
4. BAKUMAN, VOL. 18 - By: Tsugumi Ohba
5. POKEMON ADVENTURES, VOL. 15 - By: Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto

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