Tuesday, March 26, 2013

USA Today Attacks Kim Kardashian's style

Judging the Fashionistas

USA Today’s last page boasted six varying images of Kim Kardashian. Now, I’ll admit, I’ve never seen anything on television with her on it. I’m not really into watching stuff on tv really. And although I do try every now and then to catch up my beloved series on Hulu I don’t do television. But I am off on a tangent and need to get back to the point.

Kim is shown in six outfits. The first sentence of the article states “Leave the prim, classic A-line ensembles to the expectant Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton” (USA Today, 2013). They later call her outfits, “at best, dramatic, but all too often ill-fitting and strange”.

I am so far away from being a fashion guru that I’ve begged my loved ones to hire me my own personal….anyway…I’m not great at fashion.  But as I look at these outfits I don’t see anything bizarre or strange or really ill-fitting at all. In fact, besides the one pair of jeans that are okay…maybe a bit different I think for the most part she’s dressed very nicely. The outfits look comfortable and pretty.

I’ve been pregnant three times. Comfort was the first thing on my mind but I also wanted to feel pretty. I mean, being a huge balloon doesn’t come with terms such as cute, pretty, ect. And that ‘oh, you’re glowing’ doesn’t get said that often and if it is said…it’s normally in the first trimester before your feet are swollen and your breast and stomach are protruding over…well, it’s just not all that pretty or at least you don’t feel all that pretty.

I’ve taken a number of looks at these outfits Kim is wearing. The writers claim that simplicity is best. I don’t really see anything too difficult about these outfits. The white gown looks pretty and shows off her beautiful skin. And the white pants suit is very chic in my opinion. The two black outfits look fun, as if she’s looking forward to a girl’s night out. And the bottom right hand picture looks like she is ready for a job interview. There is nothing wrong with these outfits. And if Kim wants to wear stilettos and she can do so without breaking her neck, power to her.

I can’t stand reading some of these statements about her designer choices. “The proportion is off.” Um…what proportion is that?  “Why should you want to add extra volume to your waist?” Why can’t she? Are you saying being pregnant means you can’t have volume and fun. Spunk? “First of all, never tuck things in when you’re pregnant.” Why the hell not? And then they have the nerve to say “she’s drawing attention to her midriff.” Why not? What is wrong with saying ‘Look at me, I’m proud to be an expectant mom!’

I think these two women, who wrote up such a column, should have their own styles critiqued. I am betting you some nice dimes that they have made plenty of fashion mistakes. And they don’t have the ‘she’s pregnant’ excuse behind them…

I think they are just picking on Kim Kardashian because of who she is. I’m sure the woman brings a lot of drama everywhere she goes but none of those six outfits screamed drama to me. They were quite nice. But of course, what do I know about fashion?

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