Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday Face Off, Sketches and Dreamsicles

By JccKeith

Alright, I am supposed to post a photo on Sunday but I didn't feel like surfing the web tonight looking for one and since I'm no Ansel Adams I figured I might just go with what I had.

For lack of inspiration, I had not drawn or painted anything for my latest episode of Rogue Mission.  Tonight, I was watching what appeared to be a Face Off marathon.  I pulled out my ramshackle sketch book where I jot down my ideas and sketches and found a mechanical pencil in the junk drawer.

I love mechanical pencils.  They have fine points, you don't have to sharpen them and they are just perfect for sketching.  I also have a really expensive set of charcoal and various shading pencils to use for sketching. That expensive set has sat in the chest at the end of my bed for years and years on top of some very expensive sketch books.  I'm pretty sure they even say Really Expensive Sketch Book on their covers.

I gotta say, when it comes to any sort of creative endeavor - you use whatever works for you.  For me, cheap mechanical pencils and worn out pathetic excuses for sketch books I no doubt bought discounted at a craft store - those are my tools of choice.

Even my harshest critic - my cat - she came from a used store of sorts and was quite the discount.  I got her from one of those humane society wanna be places in town.  She was being kept in a cage away from the other cats because she was unfriendly or something and she was already a year old.  I thought she was beautiful, looks just like a dreamsicle.  And I love dreamsicles.  That orange and creme reminds me of summertime as  kid - good times.

Anyway, for whatever reason, maybe it was that bizarre hairdo of one of the judges of Face Off, maybe it was the special effects, who cares - I was inspired.  So I sketched out some pre-sketches of some characters and places for Episode 6 and beyond.  I included a few of the sketches tonight instead of a photo.

Well technically, they are photos of my pre-sketches.  But for the record, my cat slept through the entire drawing time period.  I take that as having met her approval.

The guy on the far left.  Funky hair man, funky hair

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