Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Raffling Emperor of Thorns for Charity

By JccKeith

Mark Lawrence is the author of the Emperor of Thorns, due out on August 6th.  The book continues the journey of exceptional Jorg Ancrath.  It is the riveting continuation of the epic fantasy world The Broken Empire Mark Lawrence has so masterfully created.

He is currently raffling off the original proof copy of The Emperor of Thorns manuscript, complete with his corrections, signed and doodled.  The raffle is being done as a charity effort to benefit the Children's Hospice South West (CHSW).  To learn more, visit his blog post concerning how to go about getting tickets by donating directly to the charity.

Children's Hospice South West is a registered charity that provides palliative, respite, end-of-life and bereavement care for life limited children and their families from the South West England region.
Having personal experience with CHSW, Mark Lawrence says of the charity,

Mark Lawrence
"There's nothing good that can be said about the tragedy of terminal illness in children, or the discovery that your child is so disabled they aren't ever expected to have a chance at being an adult.  I can observe, however, that being plunged into this situation does at least bring home to you the basic goodness of people - the kindness of others.
The hospice that is open to my little girl is there not only for the worst of times but to offer breaks to families faced with the constant grinding duty of care.  Even a couple of days off, when we parents can relax at the hospice with our children, knowing that they are being looked after by trained and wonderful staff and having flat out fun, is enough to recharge batteries and make the whole business so much less bleak.
The medical and care staff are supported by volunteers and the operating costs of the hospices (all in lovely locations and wonderfully provisioned with equipment and entertainment) are provided through public donations.
Celyn, during a stay at a CHSW
The charity used to be strongly supported by Dick King-Smith, author of many books including Babe which became a popular film.  Sadly, King-Smith died a couple of years back but his contribution is visible at the Charlton Farm hospice I visit with my daughter, Celyn.  I'm obviously in no position to step into his shoes but his example was an obvious inspiration and I've used what opportunities my writing has afforded me to raise funds for the charity.
Last year I auctioned the King of Thorns manuscript and raised $400.  This year I'm raffling the Emperor of Thorns manuscript and have already raised over $1000.  Hopefully, before the raffle closes, we'll manage to double that!"

To learn more about Children's Hospice South West or to donate, visit their site  See personal stories of the impact of CHSW:

To learn more about Mark Lawrence's The Broken Empire beginning with the Prince of Thorns, visit his website  There you can read reviews and find links to excerpts from the Prince of Thorns and the King of Thorns, volume two of The Broken Empire series.

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