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Interview w/the Author: Lisa Bouchard

I got the lovely opportunity to interview the author of this week’s spotlight: Lisa Bouchard, the author of Morrison Investigations series of novels. Although she writes from her self-made treadmill desk, her hips don’t seem to be shrinking. Could it be the tootsie rolls?  In her find free time, she plays games with her husband and kids. She is the briliant writer of The Shattered Door.

I always start off with the 2 Truths and Lie…so throw your best out!
I do not drink coffee 
 I am known as “The Meanest Auntie Ever”
I once melted nylons off my legs in a lab. 

Hmm….I think …I can’t see you being mean. LOL So, tell us a bit about yourself.
I am married to a wonderful man who puts up with me, even when I don’t always make sense. My favorite food is Raspberries! Only fresh, though. Anything with raspberry flavoring is right out. My favorite place in the world is home. Preferably with my family around. Wow, that sounds sappy, but it’s really true. The first book I ever remember reading was Frog and Toad, by Arnold Lobel. I have them in English and I even bought them in Hebrew to practice my reading. My favorite holiday is Sukkot. I love eating outside in our sukkah with candles. Even if it’s a family meal with the six of us, it still seems romantic, staring across the table from my husband. If I could see anything I’d love to go to a different, human-habitable planet. And there are three things that I always keep close to me: my iPhone, it’s like a security blanket at this point, my wallet, because you never know when you’ll need money and something to drink, because if I’m not careful I’ll get dehydrated.

 It’s alright, I get sappy about my man too. I don’t care much for raspberries but they aren’t the worst thing on my palette. I tried to get my kids into Frog and Toad-no such luck. LOL And I think you are absolutely right...tablet, wallet, and water>>>>best defenses ever. J So where di you find the inspiration for The Shattered Door?
I was just thinking about whose life I wanted to invade and who I admired enough to stick with them for years, telling their stories. I came up with Darcy and Olivia.

 So this was definitely a long thought out ‘series’ in the works! Way cool! Did you have a favorite character?
Hmmm, tough question. I love Darcy because she’s so scrappy, but I admire Olivia and her way of working with people to get what she wants, while leaving them happy as well. She’s a master manipulator, but I don’t think she knows it yet.

Scrappy…I like that word. It so fits Darcy but I totally agree about Olivia. Oh I just love the little hint you snuck in there. I can’t wait to see how she figures that manipulation stuff out. I think she’ll be great at it that’s for darn sure! Do you have any rituals for when you are writing? And what about writing methods?
Not really. I’m a mother of four with a freelance editing business, so I write whenever I can. I don’t have the luxury to coddle myself like that.  However, I love to write either late at night or early in the morning because my internal editor is asleep and I am very prolific. I write an outline which I start to ignore when it suits me. I also have a standing writing date with a couple of author friends, weekdays from 9 AM to noon. We write our little hearts out and cheer each other on.

I like to write late at night. It’s the best! And I think it’s brilliant that you have other writers around you. I have a few of those myself. J It really does make a difference.  So what has been the best aspects since becoming an accomplished, published author?
My kids are proud of me, and that’s an incredible feeling. However, my mother decided to call me and let me know she found errors in the book. That took the wind right out of my sails.

Mothers….sigh. LOL Has becoming an author changed you at all?
I am busier! I’ve also learned that I like talking to groups of people and that I won’t dissolve into a nervous pile of ectoplasm when I do a reading.

I doubt I’ve made it that far. Talking in public is like creepy scary! I think we are all better at things than we originally thing though.  We are our own worst critics. Anyway….how long did it take for you to write The Shattered Door?
This book took me years, but that’s because I rewrote it from scratch a couple of times to get it right. Case Two, which is with my editor right now, took me about five months of actual writing time.

From years to months; that’s skill and talent for sure! I can’t wait to read it!!!  Do you have any particular goals for the furture?
I’d love to tell my husband he can quit his job and just focus on taking care of me.

We are of like minds on that one. J Lisa, I loved having the opportunity to read your book, interview you, and have you visit the site. Please do keep in touch and let me and my viewers know when book two is coming out! As always, I like to end with the:
Rapid Answer Zone

 Where was the last place you dined out?
Does Dunkin’ Donuts count? I grabbed a quick bite when I was taking my mother to buy a new laptop.

Who did you last call?
I called my husband to see if he was going to be home soon. He was running a bit late and the weather was bad, so I was just checking.
What was the last set of tickets you purchased for?
Oliver! At the Palace Theatre in Manchester because my son is an actor there.

What did you do last Halloween?
I finished plotting my NaNoWriMo novel. I do this every Halloween and start writing at midnight.

Pizza, hot pockets, or pizza rolls?
Thin crust pizza. My two favorites are either bacon and pepperoni (but the bacon has to be pre-cooked or else the pizza is too greasy) or pepper, mushroom and onion.

That was way fun! Now, which one of the three was the lie?
Of course I drink coffee!

ROFL. Well Lisa, thanks so much for your time. Viewers: below are Lisa’s hotspots in case you want more info!
Twitter: @Lisa_Bouchard

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